Meet the Mentors: Chicago

Wondering which #createcultivateCHI mentor is the best fit for your blog, business, or brand? 

Check out all of our Chicago mentors and their areas of expertise below! They're amazing, multi-talented women and we adore them all.

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes

Best for: Fashion Blogging, Brand Partnerships, Lifestyle

Liz is a Chicago-based fashion & lifestyle blogger turned entrepreneur, who has worked with brands like Nordstrom, Kate Spade, & Madewell.



Annie Lin of General Assembly

Best for: Tech, Career Development

Annie is regional director at General Assembly’s Chicago campus. Their global community empowers individuals to pursue the work they really love, through course offerings from web development to digital marketing (on campus + online).


Jenn Tardif, Product & Marketing at Adobe

Best for: Marketing, Career Development

Jenn manages the creative team at Adobe. Whether she’s working with a new product or prevailing team, she takes a collaborative, data-driven, and human approach.


Suzanne El-Moursi, CCO of MiraFit

Best for: E-commerce, Entrepreneurs, Fitness

Suzanne is the CCO of the much-buzzed wearable tech line, MiraFit—a fashionable fitness tracker for real people. She’s an expert at team building and business strategy.


Lauren ShermanHead of Marketing at Shyp

Best for: Startups, Marketing, Business

Lauren oversees the Shyp’s customer acquisition, growth, brand, and PR. Before Shyp, she worked with numerous super-star tech companies like TaskRabbit and Zipcar. 


Monique Hypes of Mott 50

Best for: Entrepreneurs, 

Monique is the founder of Mott 50, a sun-protective clothing line based out of Chicago, which offers a variety of clothing items with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50. 

Latham Thomas aka Glow Maven

Best for: Life Coaching, Balance, Spirituality

Latham is a wellness & lifestyle expert, and also serves as a doula and specializing in “glow meditation” helping to ground women and channel energy to produce a more productive, balanced life.


Kathleen Wright of Piece & Co.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Philanthropy, Retail, Fashion

Kathleen is the founder and CEO of Piece & Co., a social startup committed to ending global poverty by providing sustainable employment opportunities to female artisans in the developing world.


Anna Leisemeyer of  Brand Market

Best for: Branding, Entrepreneurs, Marketing

Anna is the voice behind In Honor of Design and the founder of The Brand Market, a creative workshop that helps entrepreneurs build successful businesses through branding, marketing, social media, and styling.


Jay Goldmark of EmiJay

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Philanthropy,  E-commerce

Jay is the co-founder of EmiJay, a hair accessory and apparel brand, who dipped her feet into entrepreneurship at the age of 18, as a college freshman. Still in college, she is mastering the work, life, and school balance.

Maxie McCoy of Maxie

Best for: Life Coaching, Soul Searching, Career Development

Maxie is a life coach & director of Local Levo who shares wisdom in her digital video series and weekly writings. If you want your spiritual and emotional IQ shooting to the stars, Maxie is your go-to.

Melisse Gelula of Well + Good

Best for: Editorial, Lifestyle, Media, Wellness

Melisse is an expert in the health and wellness scene. After writing and editing for numerous magazines (from Lucky to Martha Stewart), she co-founded premier lifestyle & wellness publication Well + Good.


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