Letter from the CEO: C&C 100

When we first sat down and talked about honoring 100 women, our team let out a collective "eeh!" of excitement. Now, months later, we've produced over 100 interviews (hello, co-founders), taken over 50 photos in 2 days, had 50 photos hand-illustrated by honoree Tayst, and spent countless late nights in the office. I can officially say this is one of the proudest accomplishments for the Create & Cultivate team to date. 

Our team is lucky enough to interact with so many incredible women on a daily basis. But how do you choose? Culling through thousands of amazing women to pick only 10 per category proved challenging. We worked hard to make the list well-rounded, diverse, and a blend of household names you know and love as well as up-and-comers you need to read about. 

We teamed up with Dove & Keds, brands that have been at the forefront of putting women first for decades. We know how important this conversation is to have. We know how crucial it is to have women breaking boundaries not only in beauty but in STEM. We know how important it is to come together. 

The overarching message of the interviews and buzz on set was "collaboration not competition." An idea so deeply rooted within the Create & Cultivate brand, we knew we were on to something big. 

Further to that we collaborated with some of my favorite women owned businesses here in LA. We shot the campaign at LightLab in LA which is co-owned by Anne SageCaroline Lee who also flexed her skills behind the lens shooting the entire campaign. The team at female-owned Glamsquad provided all the hair & makeup, the ladies of reservoir who styled everyone and we have teamed up with female powerhouses Jihan from Geronimo, DJ Nikki Pennie and the ladies at Found Rentals to deck out our launch even this Thursday. 

100 is important because it isn't just a number. It's about inspiring 100 women, who inspire 100 more, who inspire the world. 

Keep creating. Keep collaborating,

Jaclyn Johnson, CEO