Wellness: Erin Falconer & Geri Hirsch, LEAFtv

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It's their Year of Wellness. 

Geri is wearing Keds' Triple Dalamta Dot Leather.

Sexism. It’s not something you hear a lot about in the blogging world, especially since women are the predominant money makers, but both Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer, co-founders of LEAFtv both say that they have experienced and been challenged by “sexism, on many occasions.” 

If it exists, they would know. Erin and Geri have been in the blog space for over a decade. “I co-founded LEAFtv due to my love of the digital space,” shares Geri, “and the need for how-to videos.” This was pre-digital madness, “a time when millions didn’t exist.” The early intrepid explorers were, “immediately caught up in the magic of the web,” says Canadian-born Erin. As a lifestyle and wellness destination for millennial women, Geri and Erin became staple digital darlings on the scene; the duo had a bit of magic themselves. They've slowly and surely built a digital brand and platform that now reaches over 8 million readers every month and have the unique advantage of witnessing the last decade's social evolution.

Erin, who is also the Editor in Chief of PickTheBrain, a blog she founded seven years ago, is very frank about the change of social. “I wish I could say that there still exists a truly social experience, but for me it's becoming more and more about algorithms - which is kind of sad. It used to be fun, exciting and I felt like I really made an impact and now, it feels like you have to pay to access your own audience,” which she shares is something she won’t do. 

“Social,” says Geri, “is now a huge part of our marketing and growth overall.” Erin says that “When it comes to social,” the first thing is to stop “thinking of it as social and start thinking about it as a business.”

"Stop thinking of it as social. Start thinking of it as a business."

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It what they've done. Last year the partners got new (glowing) skin in the digital game when they expanded into the subscription model with Year of Wellness, their way of providing people an easy way to live well. “There wasn’t a subscription providing an entire year of products and advice on wellness,” says Geri. “We wanted to be those people.” 

For her part, Erin is “personally thrilled that the era of Wellness is upon us. Starting about 18 months ago we saw a real shift in the content that our audience was responding to on YouTube (with LEAF).” Followers were asking more questions about their routines and certain wellness practices. “We both had the lightbulb moment at the same time: there is a real need for information and access to experiences across the country and nobody was really filling that void in a comprehensive way.” They got to work. Eight months later YOW arrived. 

Geri is wearing Keds' Triple Dalamta Dot Leather.

Which brings us to the overwhelm factor. The balance of staying well while running businesses and keeping up with the internet joneses. 

They cop to the “exhaustion of social media,” but a shared love of wellness and positive feedback from their LEAFtv tribe, as well as being a “tiny part of shifting someone’s world,” is enough to fight through the rapid pace of a changing market, bureaucracy, and their vision. Which includes knowing, says Geri, that “attaining perfection is overrated,” and “striving for it is invaluable.” They're also beholden to their own routines, including mediation, which without Erin says “I just don't think I'd have the calm, the focus or the energy to do what I'm doing.”

"Attaining perfection is overrated. Striving for it is invaluable."

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What is incredibly valuable is their approach to the work and the definitely female future. “It is my solid contention that we have entered the era of the woman,” says Erin. “The internet and all it offers (if we can figure out how to use it the right way) is designed to lift women up. Gone are the days of the classical work hierarchies of oppression for women. Gone are the choices: Work or family. It is an amazing time to be a woman, and I truly believe each and every one of us (specifically most of the people on this list!) has the chance to make a great difference to future generations of women. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it all.” 

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