It Must Be in the H20+: How This Beauty Company Is Building a Strong Future for Girls


2016 marked the kickoff off year of H2O+ Beauty’s Making Waves Initiative.  

The international beauty company that believes that water and hydration are the foundation of true beauty and great skin, made it their goal to directly support organizations whose social missions align with their own.

They partnered with Girls Inc. of Alameda County, a non-profit organization on a mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. It was a natural pairing.

H2O+ knows that strong, empowered girls bolstered by encouragement from their community make for even stronger, empowered women. Beauty comes from within, so does the courage to believe in yourself. But none of us do it alone.

"Beauty comes from within, so does the courage to believe in yourself."

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In 2013, Girls Inc. opened its new headquarters in Alameda County, becoming the first and only resource center for girls in the area. They provide year-round academic achievement and skills-building programs to underserved girls as well as counseling services to over 8,000 girls and families.

When Cindy Melk founded H2O+ Beauty in 1989 she had the goal to put beauty back into the hands of the consumer. She was only 27 years old when she had the idea, but coming from an entrepreneurial background, she had the support of her father, John Melk, the name behind successful ventures like Blockbuster, and her mother, the founder of a successful spa in Chicago. She pitched her father on her business plan, proved her plan viable, and received a small amount of seed funding to get the company up and running for about 6 months. While the rest was up to her, she had the foundation and the support from her family, something that H2O+ recognizes as crucial to success and a bright future.

H2O+ believes that, “progress is forged when communities support, challenge, and inspire women. In our work, we are inspired by the courage of our own founder in her quest to define beauty on her own terms.”

They fulfilled the 2016 mission by sharing the proceeds of their best-selling Oasis Hydrating Treatment with a $10,000 donation to Girls Inc of Alameda County. Moreover, H2O+ Beauty employees supported girls in their local community by volunteering more than 40 hours of their time in workshops and mentoring sessions at the Girls Inc. of Alameda County Simpson Center for Girls.

H2O+ plans to build on the success of their partnership with Girls Inc. with an even bigger and more impactful contribution of time and resources in 2017. We also got wind of a very special event that they’re hosting with Girls Inc. this fall (details are still under wraps), but stay 

To learn more about Girl Inc. of Alameda County, visit here. To learn more about H2O+ Beauty Social Mission visit here.