Sign Language: How to Deal with a Gemini Boss

graphic credit: Chloe White 

graphic credit: Chloe White 

Does your boss leave you to figure it out on your own? But then also, not…? Does she feel like a moving target that you can’t seem to hit? But wouldn't want to because she’s also the sweetest, most fun-loving boss you’ve ever had? Oh girl. Your boss must be a Gemini. 

The twin sign that is both quick-witted and sociable but can switch on a dime to her more serious side. For a worker bee, it’s hard to know which boss you’re going to get come Monday (or any day) morning, so we’re breaking down a couple ways to deal. 

Date range: May 22-June 21

Element: Air 

Lucky Numbers: 5 - 14 - 15 - 18 - 26 - 31

Strengths: Enthusiastic, witty, intellectual, great communicator 

Weaknesses: Lack of consistency, superficial, anxious, lack of decision making 

The best part of a Gemini is that she is considered the best at seeing both sides of the situation. Highly-intelligent and communicative, she is ruled by the motto “I communicate,” which means she is going to want to talk things out. She is ruled by logic, but since she is able to see both sides, she can also argue both sides. When people say don’t fight with a Gemini, you’ll lose— they’re often right. In the workplace this can be hard. 

The safest way out of a disagreement is to use the fact that “the twins” of the Gemini sign are never idle. Use this to your advantage and don’t expect to take up too much time belaboring one issue. When talking to your boss, know what you want to say, present it, and move on. You’ll both be in a better headspace. 

Ruled by Mercury, the Gemini boss has a first rate mind with unique and original ideas— probably what landed her in the boss seat. However, a fast mind often leads to an “on-to-the-next” approach. She can get bored if she’s not being WOW’d and needs to be challenged. If you see her eyes glazing over during a presentation, chances are you’ve lost her. This can feel like a blessing and a curse. Use this trait to you're advantage and present out-of-the-box ideas. We bet she’d be willing to take a risk on an idea you think is too out there. She’s a little impulsive. Not always great when it comes to feedback… but more fun when it comes to saying ‘yes.’ 

A little wild in the working world can be difficult. Inconsistency is part of her nature, so if she loves an idea one moment and hates it the next, don’t feel discouraged. Find a way to update it. Expand it. What she’s doing is challenging you to make it better. So you always need to be game. Don’t get too attached to one idea, because it may very well not play. 

The Gemini boss can get a little restless, so you need to keep her in the loop on what you’re doing. It may feel like overkill to always be sending updates, but it’s a way to give her peace of mind and also keep her off your back. The best way to avoid feeling micromanaged is to stay one foot ahead of the email. Quick bullet-point updates at the end of the day are a good way to let her know, you’re on top of your tasks.