It's International Self-Care Day—Here's How 8 Women Are Cultivating Self-Love

Ask anyone five years ago if they practice self-care and they’d most likely look at you with a puzzled expression. Fast forward to today and it’s now a $10 billion dollar industry. If you’re still not familiar, Psych Central defines self-care as “any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.” Of course, it doesn’t have to cost money, it can be anything that fills your cup, re-energizes you, and brings you joy.

So to celebrate International Self Care Day we’re sharing eight quotes from our panelists at the inaugural Self Care Summit in Los Angeles on how they take care of themselves and cultivate self-love.

Kelly LeVeque, Holistic Nutritionist, NSCA-PT

“I cultivate self-love everyday by doing little things throughout the day to take care of myself and show my body that I love it. I make a fab four smoothie, go for a walk, enjoy a podcast—it’s just finding those moments to take care of yourself.”

Koya Webb, International Holistic Health Coach and Author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce

“I cultivate self-love in my life by making sure that I have a morning routine. I spend at least an hour or two in the morning just taking care of myself.”

Remi Ishizuka, Health and Wellness Content Creator

“I cultivate self-love in my life by putting myself first, putting my health first, making it a priority no matter what and then doing all of that in the morning.”

Lestraundra LesAlfred, Host, Balanced Black Girl Podcast

“For me it’s all about giving myself grace, having compassion, and treating myself as well as I would treat anyone else.”

Shiva Rose, Founder of the Local Rose and Alchemist Creator of Shiva Rose Beauty

“So cultivating self-love has been a huge part of my healing process and is something that I do daily. I do this through kundalini yoga, I do it through drinking herbs and tonics and teas and using the yogi 8 for exercises.”

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Plant Based Recipe Developer, Fitness and Well-Being Enthusiast

“For me self-love has become about nourishing myself but also nourishing other people. I think it’s a beautiful cycle that you can gain from someone else but you can also give to them. And that’s the way I feel self-love has empowered me the most.”

Dr. Deepika Chopra, Optimism Doctor, Visual Imagery Expert, and Happiness Researcher

“I really learned to cultivate self-love by practicing empathy and compassion for myself, especially in times when I’m not successful or I’ve made a mistake and really treat myself as I would a friend or a client.”

Lalah Delia, Spiritual Writer, Wellness Educator, Founder of Vibrate Higher Daily

“So incense and candles, all the fluffy stuff, but also it’s taking time for myself, grace with myself, taking all the time I need. Sometimes it’s sitting and talking to my child, bubble mats, see saw, dancing and my Spotify playlist.”

How do you cultivate self-love? Share it with us on social and use the hashtag #nationalselfcareday