Rashida Jones' Best Quotes from our Everyone Welcome Pop-Up at Beverly Center

This past Saturday, we took over Beverly Center to celebrate its Grand Reveal Weekend. Our Create & Cultivate turned out for the day filled with inspiration, amazing speakers, and all things fashion. Our keynote speaker of the day was actress-turned-director, Rashida Jones. The entertainment mogul has taken her expertise behind the camera, and her directorial debut, Quincy, is now available on Netflix. In conversation with Elaine Welteroth, Rashida dished on everything from diversity and inclusion to how to make impactful changes in the world we live in today. Ahead, some key takeaways from the sit-down.

Mic-Drop Moments

“There’s so much about identity that’s based on how we’re treated in the world.”

“The quicker we acknowledge that we have things in common, the quicker we’ll get things done.”

“I started to enjoy telling stories in way that I could shape the point of view.”

“Getting diverse voices into the mainstream is really the goal.”

“The challenge is to be able to craft a story that represents the honesty of everything.

“It’s hard to know the difference between your fear and your instinct.”

“Ask yourself: If you don’t do this thing today are you going to be upset in the next five years, 10 years, or even tomorrow.”

“I earn my keep if I show up and I’m nice and I’m pleasant.”

“Women are coded to be nice and men are coded to be powerful, and it’s just not true.”

“I’ll call people out and I feel empowered to do that because so many women have spoken up for me.”

“I like being called the boss.”

“Representation matters in front and behind the camera.”

“The only way to build empathy, is not on social media, it’s going to be sitting across from somebody and getting to know them.”

“Nothing is ever going to change, unless you break the system.”

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