Rashida Jones Launches New Jewelry Collection with Iconery

Making a statement. You can do it with words and you can do it with jewelry. Rashida Jones, whose new jewelry collection was unveiled today, has now done both. The actress and activist partnered with Iconery, the online destination for jewelry fanatics, to design a collection that drew on personal memories, using, for instance, her father's pinky ring as the model for her Square Ring. 

“I wanted a return to Seventies, Eighties bold, iconic symbols and what better way to do it than make it yourself?” Jones explained to WWD

Which is exactly what Iconery allows. It's also why founder and CEO Ivka Adam makes it clear that this is Jones' collection, not a collaboration. "We 'power' fine jewelry collections," Adam says. "In other words, we facilitate the design, manufacturing and distribution of collections on behalf of celebrities, influencers, and brands. They come to us to make their design vision a reality, and building their own brand is more important than ours."

Adam launched Iconery last year on the premise of producing fine jewelry on-demand using 3D printers. Early on she made the decision to "power other brands rather than build our own. From my background at eBay, where I worked with collectibles sellers around the world, I fell in love with supporting other people’s passions." 

Still, the partnership between the brand and celebrity have to align. Andrea Linett, founding Creative Director of Lucky mag and, now Iconery's Creative Director, explains why Jones was the perfect choice for the company's first celebrity line. "The people we choose really have a point of view, which is what Iconery is all about," says Linett. "We bring an authenticity to the collections when they’re designed by influencers and 'cool girls' — they know what they want and they actually get to make it and share it with everyone."

Adam echoed this thought. "First and foremost, she [Rashida] embodies 'the Iconery girl:' she’s cool, kind, independent, and informed. While we’re still a young company we have to be very deliberate in how we build our brand and where we spend our resources. We want to bring collections to life for people we admire and adore working with, who also help communicate our values to the world."

"We want to bring collections to life for people we admire and adore working with."

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"Second," Adam says, "[Andrea] already had a relationship with Rashida so the trust was immediately there. It made the business side of the process much easier and efficient, and Andrea 'got' Rashida’s vision for the collection."

Adam maintains that now is the right time for a celeb collection for a few reasons. "In our first year of being live," she explains, "we’ve already launched collections for several influencers and fashion designers.  We started by working with those with whom we had a relationship. They had to fit into our brand ethos, but it was important to start with friends so we could get real, honest feedback to improve our process."  

Now they will be tracking how various influencers, celebrities, and brands convert differently. "My hypothesis is that people who have smaller, more engaged followings convert better," Adam says, "but the big names build brand awareness and trust. We deliberately waited to launch a celebrity until we really felt like we had everything in order."

In order and ready for order. The Rashida Jones Collection which includes a mix of statement rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, launched today! There’s a Mariner chain necklace, square hoop earrings, a chunky square ring with an offset black diamond, and other pieces that use symbols like the ankh and hamsa. Of the collection, Jones says, "I like the idea that we wear jewelry to unite us and protect us in core beliefs. We need that right now." 

And you need a piece from this collection.