Dallas: How to spend the perfect Sunday

If there’s one city that puts the oomph in Sunday Funday, it’s Dallas. Forget lazy days that help you recover from the weekend and properly prepare for the Monday ahead – Dallas uses Sunday as a kickoff (literally) to the rest of the week. Dallasites take their Sundays seriously. They’re celebrations. They’re connection. They’re very little work and a whole lot of fun. Everything really is bigger in Texas, including the magic of a Sunday well spent.

When you walk around the city, particularly the energetic area of Uptown, you’ll notice killer street style from the women and men—hello Southern chic. You’ll hear business deals brokered over lunch, Texans rock on with those they can toast a marg with. And prepare yourself for sharing plenty of smiles and hand waves with strangers—Southern hospitality is a very real thing.

As a girl who was raised just north of Dallas and who spent the beginning of my career living in Dallas’ hottest young neighborhood, Uptown, I catch myself reminiscing on the buzzing Sunday energy. If you only have one free day in Dallas, make it this perfect Sunday (perhaps post Create + Cultivate Dallas in January!)


Get your tired booty up and head to Exhale Spa for a yoga class that will speak to your bumping Missy Elliott soul. The Hip Hop Flow will get you moving through that weekend hangover and put a pep in your step. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a massage post-class, either. It’s the perfect place to pamper yourself.

After class, meet your gal pal for the best coffee in Dallas at Pearl Cup. Whether you opt for their signature Pearl Cup blend that shines with cinnamon and cocoa or head for a full on almond-milk latte, coffee snobs won’t be disappointed.

With the coffee in your system, it’s time to head to everyone’s favorite meal: Sunday brunch. You can go home and sussy up or head there in your workout clothes. It doesn’t matter as long as your bring the southern smile and energy that shows you’re jazzed. The best spot for a killer brunch is Breadwinners Cafe on Mckinney Ave. Whether you’re brunching with four or 14 of your closest Dallas friends – get in the mimosa spirit and prepare to have a good time.


Afternoons in Dallas are known as the time after brunch but before football. It’s your time to do whatever it is you want.

Is that shopping? Try cute boutiques like y&i, Haven, or Krimson and Klover for the intimate, curated experience. If you want the everything is bigger in TX experience, head to NorthPark Center for everything from luxury designer brands to affordable fashion. They have it all. If you make it there and hyperventilate from the insane crowds, Quatro Leches Cake at La Duni will fix that.

If your perfect afternoon involves some true Dallas history lessons, you can’t go wrong visiting the JFK Museum. It’s riveting. Make sure and get the guided audio tour.

Want more food and a little activity? Company Cafe will make you feel like you’re in some sort of foodie heaven plus it’s a perfect place to pop open your computer and work on next week’s blog post. Try the location on Katy Trail so you can people watch all of the runners, walkers and bikers or go for a beautiful stroll yourself. Katy Trail is a nature haven groomed through the middle of the concrete jungle.

Sunday evenings are for the Dallas Cowboys. This isn’t about being a sports lover, it’s a Dallas lifestyle.

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Sunday evenings are for the Dallas Cowboys. This isn’t about being a sports lover, it’s a Dallas lifestyle. So whether your favorite team is one of Dallas’ biggest rivals or whether you couldn’t tell the difference between a football and a basketball, get yourself in on the football action.

If you want to stay in the city, you can literally head into any restaurant to get a sense of the football fun. Three Sheets or Katy Trail Ice House will have you right smack dab in the football frenzy. If you really want to get crazy (and have your life changed) get a cheap “standing room only” ticket to Cowboy Stadium if the game is home. You’ll never look at Dallas the same way again.

BUT, if you detest the idea of immersing yourself in the Dallas Cowboys experience OR if the cowboys are done with their season by the time you get into town, head to Javier’s with your sweetheart for mexican food that will change your life and margaritas that will make you never want to leave.

You’ll love Sundays in Dallas. It just may be the best weekend you’ve ever had.

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