Create & Cultivate 100: Music: Chloe x Halle

Chloe and Halle Bailey have accomplished more in two decades (they’re 20 and 18 years old, respectively) than many can hope to achieve in a lifetime. The inaugural signees to Beyoncé’s record label, Parkwood Entertainment, this R&B duo were nominated for two Grammys this year for their self-written debut album The Kids Are Alright—all on top of appearing as series regulars in black-ish spinoff grown-ish. Keep your eye on these starlet sisters this year, because they’re just getting started.

On writing and producing their own album…

Halle: Oh yes. Our parents always taught us from a young age that we can do anything we put our minds to and not to be afraid to dive in to do something that may not be considered things for little girls to be doing. My sister is so inspiring to me when she produces. And we write all of our songs from our living room. It’s fun for us. We also feel like this generation is on this wave of learning how to do things on our own and learning how to stand up for ourselves. It’s a big thing for us.

Chloe: I feel very fortunate because we’re given this incredible platform with Beyoncé and [her label] Parkwood, but we’re still able to use our voices and tell the story that we want to tell and create the music we want to create. Beyoncé has always encouraged us to trust our intuition. I’m so grateful because some artists are not able to do that, but we are and it means the world to us.

On the first time Beyoncé heard their album…

Chloe: She said she loved it! And I’m just so happy because if I know Beyoncé loved it, then that’s the only stamp of approval I need, except for my parents and little brother. It even made my heart warm when she said she loved the short film. We like making her proud.

On what inspired their work…

Halle: During the making of this album, we were just documenting our truest feelings, almost like a diary. We put our most sensitive feelings into these words... I’ve been writing down all those feelings that you have as a young girl turning into a young woman, the insecurities and learning how to love the highs of your life as well as the lows. I’ve been learning to accept that everything I have going on now is for a reason and that I’ll end up in the perfect the future, when I’m 30, I can listen to these songs and remember exactly who I was at this age.

Beyoncé has always encouraged us to trust our intuition. I’m so grateful because some artists are not able to do that, but we are and it means the world to us.

On getting to work on Beyoncé’s Lemonade...

Halle: We were very excited. We get there and we’re surrounded by all these beautiful, strong black women. It was such an impactful and wonderful scene to behold. We got a chance to hang out with Amandla [Stenberg], Zendaya and all the other beautiful women. It was just such a wonderful experience. We knew that we were going to be a part of something special just being in that setting, so that was very exciting.

On the best advice they’ve received…

Chloe: “One of the things [Beyoncé] says is to let the world catch up to you; don’t dumb down your art. As fans of hers and two young girls, hearing that from her was an ‘aha’ moment — and a confirmation that we were headed in the right direction.”

This interview has been edited and condensed from multiple sources (1, 2, 3).

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