9 Must-Haves For Your Office Holiday Party

Were you given the duty of organizing the holiday office party? Or did you volunteer in hopes to exercise your party planning skills? Sure, you’ve got emails, deadlines, meetings, and calls, and yet still, you wanted to be the one make sure everyone winds up rocking around the office party clock.

But if you put your Santa cart before your reindeer and are stressing that party planner extraordinaire isn’t really in your wheelhouse, we’ve got you covered. After hosting our own parties, happy hours (not to mention 600-person conferences NBD) we think we’ve nailed down the formula for a fun party that will leave your boss and colleagues impressed.

Check out all of our holiday party must-haves. All we ask for in return is an invite.


Sideshow Press Cocktail Mixing Set - $38, Poketo Jiggler - $15

No party is complete without cocktails. Isn’t that why we come to these things anyways?

You could go the easy route and just stock up on beer and wine, but why not step it up a notch and get some curated cocktails for the guests?  You could hire a bartender to serve cocktails all night, or you could get crafty and try your own bartender skills and create a punch bowl with some spirits and spices to punch it up. You can try this recipe here to get you started, or create on of your own!


Sonos Play:1 - $169

Don’t have room for a DJ in the party budget? Don’t stress.

There are tons of playlists on Spotify and Apple Music that are sure to liven up the party with some Christmas cheer. If you prefer to ditch hearing Baby It’s Cold Outside for the millionth time this month, create your own playlist and hook up to a Bluetooth speaker like Sonos. Once you have the same playlist playing on all the speakers around the office, you’ll make sure everyone is in sync on all the good vibes.


6' Winter Eucalyptus Garland, Dried - $85 

No holiday party is ready without the proper decor. Invest in a beautiful garland instead of cheesy holiday decor that’s been used again and again. Make your party stand out, Create cozy nooks and try to make it feel like you’re not at the office.


Fujifilm X UO Custom Colored Mini 8 Instax Camera - $70

Keep in mind that there will definitely be guests coming in through the door asking where the photo booth is You don’t want to be the bearer of bad news to let them know that they’re out of luck. Invest in a camera (Polaroid cameras work just as great and are so fun), and set up some props for you guests to take pictures with. Shoutout to Studio DIY who nailed these giant ornament balloons from a few years back. You can bet you’ll find these at our holiday party.


Like any party, your guests will be grabbing glasses, losing them, and get a new one. Encourage them to refill their wine glass if they’ve already grabbed ones by personalizing their cups with ornament name tags. You’ll hear “is this your cup or mine” a lot less.


Sideshow Press Firecracker Picks - $12

Add some pizzazz to all your cocktails with these firecracker picks that are sure to make the party even more fun. Use them for the charcuterie board, or pair them with the cocktails and you’re set!


Sideshow Press Napkin Coasters - $12

You weren’t about to use some basic napkins, were you?

A good party is all in the details, so make sure that even the napkins you pick make a statement. These “but first cocktails” napkins are sure to do just that.

Guests can use them to wipe everything but that grin off their face. (Because they’re gonna have the best time… ya?)



Palisades Wood Cheese Board - $69Porcelain Christmas Tree Cheese Markers Set - $9.95

If the party you’re hosting isn’t being catered, but you still want to provide your guests with some light snacks, adding a charcuterie board to your list will do the trick. Get some great cheeses, crackers, a few olives and dried fruit, and you’re good to go.


Edison-Style String Lights - $24.99 - $49.99

Just double checking - we said this party wasn't basic right? Cool, because if you were thinking of getting traditional holiday lights, don’t.  Add some flare to your holiday party by using some Edison-style string lights to lighten up the atmosphere. The bonus? Show your boss you’re thinking ahead-- these lights work year-round.

What are your office holiday party favorites? Would you get any of the ones in our list? Let us know below!