Links We Love: Sayonara 2016, Hello 2017!

2017 is a little over 24 hours away, and while we'll be looking back at some of 2016's most defining moments tomorrow, this internet also offered some great reads this week to help tie up the final week of 2016.

Here's to hoping that 2017 sees more female billionaires. 

And even MORE women in tech companies.

Creating a list of New Year's Resolutions? They might just end up in failure.

However, you should stick to these New Year's Resolutions.

First, it was Facebook, and then Instagram this year. Now in 2017, Twitter is going to have an algorithmic timeline.

2016 kind of sucked. But at least these happy moments were caught on camera for the Internet to enjoy.

If you're thinking of a non-conventional bachelorette party, you might want to follow the lead of this woman.

Long live the Princess: This series of tweets nail exactly why Leia Organa and Carrie Fisher embody the definition of a strong woman, despite all the odds. 
Rest in peace Carrie Fisher.