Snapchat Adds The Old With The New In Its Recent Update

We’ve only known Snapchat as an app that only lives off of what’s going on in the now, only to be erased after one view or the span of 24 hours. As of yesterday, Snapchat is changing that. 

Snapchat has introduced its newest feature Memories, which allows you to collect all of your saved snaps and stories in one memory bank for you to look back at. Not only that, you’re able to add older snaps to your story and send it to friends as well for them to look back on, and even add stickers and geofilters to the snaps even if you’re not in the area. These older snaps will appear with a time stamp when they’re viewed by your friends if added to your story. 

However, this new update is a game changer for the real-time based app. 


If you want to make sure your Snapchat followers are able to see something that’s confidential til a certain date, you will now be able to post it at a later date instead of having to not post on Snapchat at all. 

When the day comes that you want to snap something on a scheduled day, just take the snaps you are going to take, but instead of posting them to your story, save them to your memories. 

From there, you can pull any snaps that you have saved and post them all to your Snapchat story.


Snapchat storytelling for brands and influencers is becoming more and more important each day, and storytelling is all based on the narrative you build for your audience to watch. 

If you are adding snaps to your story and want to allude to an older snap, you can weave it in to your Snapchat story for a more substantial and longer narrative. 

Also, the Memories feature allows you to share memories with certain people, and even hide other memories you rather not show to anyone else. You can place these in a section called “My Eyes Only,” which are only accessible after you enter a pin for privacy.

So no more screenshooting snaps onto your camera roll and having it take up all of your phone’s memory. Safe to say that this new update to Snapchat will redefine its dependency on real time content and its expiring snaps. 

Maybe some snaps are meant to last forever.