Links We Love: Banks Behaving Badly, Lena's in Hot Water & a Small Pox Hospital?

Coming back from Labor Day weekend making you play catch up with work, with not enough time to check what went down on the internet this week?

We've got you covered with some of our favorite headlines that helped shaped this week.


"I am part of the first generation of women not truly dependent on anyone." Stacy London shares about not playing by societal conventions and being a new classification of person

Humans of New York asked Hillary Clinton about being cold and unemotional. She answered. 

Bobby Kim, co-founder of the Hundreds, talks why the future of Brand is people. 

ITK: Down by the banks there's been some hanky panky. Yesterday Wells Fargo was fined $185 million for opening oh, just a couple million fake accounts. 

Jen Gotch's business has a sparkly and pink exterior, but the center is serious business. 

Fainting models and a small pox hospital. The disaster that was Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4

The age of the female combat soldier is coming. What happens when women lead soldiers into battle?

Apple killed the headphone jack, but why? And will it make us talk to each other again?

Does that mean Apple is building a lifestyle? Prob

If you ever felt you were the Latina version of Little Miss Sunshine when you were a kid, this is for you.

9/11 15 years later: how it shaped this woman's anxiety-ridden childhood.

Matt Lauer won't stop interrupting Hillary Clinton, but lets Donald Trump's lies slide? Here's why this week's NBC's commander-in-chief forum was a sexist disaster.

There's a rebel in all of us, including girls who want to be storm troopers: the amazing new Star Wars ad from Target.

Clients say some crazy things. Was it as a crazy as the things this one client said to Strategy Creative?  

Time to put your headphones on: Lady Gaga just dropped her first song in three years.