We Bet You've Never Heard of This Holiday

National Just Because Day is August 27th. It’s a REAL day that exists. Best. News. Ever...

And just because you’re awesome, we want to give you a couple more reasons to love yourself a little extra today. Just because you closed a deal at work, reward yourself! Just because you got your kids to school and yourself to work on time, congratulate yourself! Just because you woke up feeling extra fab this morning, applaud yourself!

UrbanStems’ gorgeous bouquets will cheer you up and make you happy, so why not treat yourself? Today is YOUR day to go out and treat YO’SELF just because you’re AMAZING.

Just Because… I Killed It At Work This Week

The Vacay Bouquet

You just signed off on a big deal, you impressed your boss, got a promotion, whatever it may be, you killed it this week. Now, it is time to treat yo’desk. You need a little color in your office to keep spirits high. What could be a better way of rewarding yourself than with The Vacay Bouquet? The tropical colored bouquet will have you imagining yourself on a beach sipping your favorite cocktail. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation?

Just Because… Being a Working Mom is HARD

The Duet Bouquet  

You don’t just wake up in the AM, down your coffee and head to work. You get the kids dressed. Drop them off (with lunch) and make it to the office before a 9am meeting. Being a working mom can be difficult. Sometimes we need to reward ourselves for just ‘doing it all.’ The bright and whimsical Duet Bouquet is a lovely way to thank ourselves for staying sane through all of the challenges being a working mom has to offer. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a present because you deserve it!

Just Because…. I’m a #Bosslady

The Glam Bouquet

Feeling extra fab today? Then you deserve to treat yo’self because it is not everyday you feel like this. Loving ourselves a little extra on certain days is so important. This bright and flawless Glam Bouquet is what you need to remind yourself how #bosslady you really are.




Just Because… I Went From 0-100 Real Quick

The Babar

We all have bad days. Rough meetings, deals gone bad, and co-worker drama. Just because you are having a bad day does not mean it can’t get better. What better way to make turn your day around than treating yourself with a Babar? It is the ultimate gift to cheer you up. This elephant will bring you all of the happy thoughts and energy missing in your day, so go ahead and brighten your day!