The Single Working Woman’s Guide to Sofa

photo credit: Smith House Photography 

photo credit: Smith House Photography 

After a long work day, what’s the first thing you want to do? Plop down on your sofa and unwind. Maybe that’s with a glass of wine. Maybe you cue up Hulu and rewatch every episode of The Handmaid’s Tale (shoutout to Elisabeth Moss and her epic Emmy win). There’s no wrong way to decompress.

But without the right sofa, it’s hard to get settled. And seriously, your career is hard enough to settle into. Your sofa should be simple.

Which is where Burrow comes in. Here’s why.

You can put it together yourself.

Collaboration may be the new creative currency, but this is one project you can do yourself. Trust me, they sent us one (the blue baby below which now lives in my office) and everyone watched while I put it together myself. It took a legit 15 minutes.

The super simple design of the Burrow sofa allows anyone to put this couch together totally SOLO. It also easily breaks down from a three seat to one-- which is great for motivated millennials who move for their jobs.


Yes, millennials move for work.

We may not be able to purchase our first homes as early as we’d like, but that gives us more freedom when it comes to our jobs.

Studies have shown that nearly 85 percent of the millennial workers, or those ages 18 to 35, surveyed said they are willing to move to a new city for a job. Moreover, 82 percent said relocating is necessary to climb the corporate ladder, according to the study from Graebel, a provider of relocation services.

The Burrow sofa adapts to your new space as you adapt to your new job.

Relocating for you career has never been so easy.



Go-ahead and wine down.

It’s stain resistant, which means you can have friends over for drinks without worrying about wrecking your sofa. You also don't have to stress about starchy, dated or chemical feeling "stain-resistant" feeling fabrics. This is not your grandma's polyester love seat. It's chemical free, comfy, and made for stretching out. 

So have a glass, or two. Hell, the whole bottle of wine. No one is judging-- least of all the Burrow team. It’s why they made it stain resistant.  

But also, Charge up

Just because you’re taking a breather, doesn’t mean you want your phone to die. The Burrow couch has a built-in hidden USB charging port. So your phone can recharge while you do. Shout-out to multi-tasking.