Create & Cultivate 100: Health + Wellness: Cassey Ho

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If it’s easy, it’s probably not POP Pilates.

Cassey Ho, the boss behind Blogilates, has used her digital platform for over a decade to teach her signature fitness routines and preach the Pilates gospel. What started as a small YouTube community is now an international health movement and multi-million dollar brand with Cassey at the helm.

POP Pilates is definitely Cassey’s largest endeavor, and its scale is hard to ignore. It’s an entire philosophy and empire—from DVDs to workshops to 12-week teacher trainings to international classes, Cassey has created a discernible Pilates practice with a cult-like following. She’s personable and passionate, which is part of her appeal and why she can draw crowds of 500+ to join her for Pilates when she’s passing through town.

Above all, Cassey keeps it real. She’s vocal about cyberbullying and body-shaming and sheds light on the less-than-fun aspects of being a public figure online. In an industry that too often preaches perfection, Cassey Ho is a refreshing (and strong as hell) teacher and thought leader.

You started Blogilates, an award-winning fitness channel, nearly a decade ago. What drove you to start the company, and how has it changed over time?

Blogilates began as one YouTube video that I filmed for my 40 students at 24 Hour Fitness, as I was moving cross country. I put it up because I wanted to continue teaching Pilates and being connected with my students no matter where I was. Unexpectedly...way more than 40 people started watching that first ab video!

Now, Blogilates has become so much more than fitness. It’s a multimillion-dollar brand with high quality activewear, our own certified instructors, and over 4,000 POP Pilates classes being taught every month worldwide!

Your video The Perfect Body has nearly 13 million views on YouTube. What drove you to shoot the video, and what do you hope viewers take away?

What drove me to shoot that video were mean, body-shaming comments directed at me. I took all that sadness, that anger, and turned it into positivity. The response was totally unexpected! But I’m so happy that a piece of heartfelt content like this went viral. I think a lot of women felt very empowered seeing that the way we look at ourselves is way more important than the way other people view us.

If you could give one piece of advice to young girls just entering the phase of life where body image becomes a big focus, what would you say?

Focus on your skills. Your talent. Your brain. Beauty TRULY comes from confidence. And when you can see yourself getting better at something you train at, you glow more and more.

If you weren’t working in health, what career path would you choose?

Evening gown fashion designer!

Don’t do anything that makes you lose trust with your audience. They got you where you are.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

If you don’t take a risk on your own success, who will?

What keeps you up at night?

Not much really. I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow!

When you hit a bump or hurdle in your career, how do you find new roads + switch gears to find success?

Problems. I welcome them with open arms. They force me to be more creative.

Whose career really inspires you?

Jennifer Hyman, Rent The Runway.

In a world where likes and follower counts are so coveted, how do you stay authentic and true to yourself/your brand?

Don’t do anything that makes you lose trust with your audience. They got you where you are. But at the same what gets you fired up and excited in your soul!

What are you most excited for in 2019?

My goal is to spend more time doing fewer things while having greater impact!

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