Even CEOs Need Their 8 Hours a Night—6 Women Share Their Nightstand Must-Haves

Photo:  Whitney Leigh Morris

Photo: Whitney Leigh Morris

What does your evening routine look like? Is it structured or changeable on the day? The good news is, no one will judge you either way but there is evidence that a bedtime routine will help you get better z’s. “Most of us cannot sleep on command, but routine helps the brain know that it’s preparing for sleep,” Rebecca Scott, research assistant professor of neurology at the NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center—Sleep Center told Time. “Our sleep system, along with most other neurophysiological systems, likes predictability and consistency.”

Of course, there is no set regime that suits everyone so it’s up to you to determine what works, but it doesn’t hurt to hear how other women we admire wind down after a long day. Our CEO, Jaclyn Johnson swears by eight hours of sleep a night to ensure she can perform at her optimum each day. Read on to hear what bedside essentials six women—who are all speaking at the upcoming Self Care Summit on July 20 in L.A.—have on their nightstand to ensure they get enough sleep and can perform at 100 each day.

Deepika Chopra, Optimism Doctor 

1. The Things Are Looking Up Optimism Card Deck
”I pull a card every evening and carry out the holistic and science-based suggestion to increase happiness.”

2. Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils
”I use lavender before bed and lemon just as I wake up.” 

3. Glass Carafe of Water.
”Drinking water is so challenging for me, so keeping it right by my bedside is one way to try and work on this.”

4. A children’s book.
”I always have at least one book that my son is super into at the moment. Right now it’s, Blueberries For Sal

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Whitney Lee Morris, Founder of the Tiny Canal Cottage 

1. Nothing
”The top must-have on my nightstand is actually the absence of something. If I keep my devices nearby I’m likely to wake up and check them and then stay up for the rest of the night. As such, I now keep tech—especially my phone—out of the bedroom.”

”It’s important for me to have books by the bed—both for myself and for my child, who often climbs into bed with us overnight. Having books within arm’s reach helps my son stay safely and happily occupied in the early morning while I snag a few precious extra minutes of shut-eye.”

Claire Fountain, Wellness Writer, and Mental Health Advocate, Creator of Trillyoga

1.A Soft Light
”For me, I need to have a peaceful minimal environment and hydration. My nightstand only has a soft light that helps to prepare the body for sleep. 

2. Body Butter, Eye Drops, and Lip Balm
”Hydration items (skin, eyes, lips) are essential because night is when the skin heals itself and so it’s a perfect time to let all that moisturized goodness absorb, plus I can’t sleep if I feel anything is dry.”

3. A Silk Eye Mask
”A silk eye mask because it’s the best for delicate face skin, and blocking out lights helps the body get the best uninterrupted sleep I can.” 

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Shiva Rose, Founder of the Local Rose & Alchemist creator Shiva Rose Beauty

1.Magnesium Oil
”I love my nightstand since it’s almost like an altar for well being and beauty. For sleeping better I have a bottle of magnesium oil which calms the body, rescue remedy which calms the mind, and some rose quartz crystal for love and harmony.” 

”I’m currently re-reading Finding God Through Sex.”

3. Venus potion
”I collaborated on this potion with the lovely herbalist wooden spoon. This potion helps enhance our feminine elements.”

4. A landline.
”I have a landline since cell phones can disrupt our sleep and wellbeing.”

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Lauren Gores, Co-Founder of Summer Fridays and Lifestyle Content Creator

1. 5 Minute Journal
”I love to have a few minutes of quiet time before bed, and the 5 Minute Journal is the perfect way to escape and reflect on my day.”

2. Slip Sleep Mist
”I love to spray this mist before bed—the chamomile and lavender oils create a super calm and relaxing environment.”

3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
”I love to apply a thick layer of Jet Lag mask under my eyes before bed so I can wake up looking and feeling refreshed.”

4. LANIEGE Sleep Lip Mask
”I love to apply a layer of the LANIEGE lip mask before bed to hydrate and smooth my lips while I sleep.”

5. Slipsilk Sleep Mask
”I always get my best sleep when it is completely dark, so I always keep my Slipsilk Sleep Mask in my nightstand. It is *so* soft and the anti-aging properties are an added bonus.”

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Lestraundra Alfred, Host of Balanced Black Girl podcast

1.Lip Balm
”I’m all about being as moisturized as possible, and I find having lip balm on my nightstand reminds me to put it on before bed, keeping my lips soft and moisturized.”

2.5 Minute Journal
”I love using my 5-minute journal to reflect each night before going to bed, and it is a key part of my morning routine as well. Each night I like to take a moment to reflect on the day's highlights and to start jotting down notes for the next day. This helps me end the day with gratitude, and to get any lingering thoughts out of my head for more peaceful rest.”

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