7 Books To Bring To The Beach With You This Summer


So it's been hot outside for weeks now and you still haven't hit up a beach. First of all, who are you? Second of all, why the hell not? To help get you out and enjoy some fun in the sun, grab a good book to read as you get your tan on. We've compiled a combination of hilariously funny, encouraging and thought-provoking books that everyone can relate to. So grab a beach chair (or towel) and take the time to enjoy a good read when you can. 



You've probably seen the trailer for the television adaptation of Sweetbitter come across your screen.  The book is a great read before diving head first into the show and has quickly reached book clubs everywhere. It follows a 22-year-old named Tess who just moved to New York City and lands a job at a popular restaurant. She's quickly exposed to the glitz and glam of the city, but also the darker side with drugs, alcohol, lust,and chaos. It's the ultimate coming of age story that takes readers through the excitement and fragility of growing up. 


Girls Burn Brighter

Have you ever felt like your best friend is your soulmate? Girls Burn Brighter follows the story of Poormina and Savitha in India, with a journey that ends up all the way in Seattle. The two girls instantly become friends once Poornima's father hires Savitha to work in the family's household after Poornima's mother's death.  Unfortunately, a devastating act of cruelty in their village separates the two and Poornima is determined to find her friend again. After a long journey of exploring India's underworld and traveling across the globe, she ends up in Seattle. The book explores the trials and tribulations through the eyes of both girls and is a powerful ode to the strength of female friendship.


You Are A Badass

When you're down in the dumps and need to remember how great you are, that's where Jen Sincero comes in. In You are a Badass the author and success coach breaks down valuable life lessons, advice, exercises and more in a series of 27 hilarious chapters. You'll learn how to challenge yourself to change your self-doubt that is stopping you from getting where you want to be in life. Readers will learn how to create a life they love and be one of the badass women they've always looked up to. In this no BS approach to money, success, and happiness you'll see what it takes to finally let go of whatever is holding you back.


When Katie Met Cassidy

As much as we all like to think that we know everything about love, sex, and self-acceptance, the truth is that we don't. When Katie Met Cassidy is a warm and LOL funny story about women taking the reigns and owning every single part of themselves. Katie Daniels is a Kentucky transplant who winds up in New York after being dumped by her fiance—do we have your attention yet? Cassidy Price is a total girl boss who slays in a men's suit and is as self-assured as every woman wishes she was. It's a reality check that in order to go after what we want sometimes we must leave our traditional values behind and explore more of ourselves and others. These two have an intense connection that challenges everything they thought they knew about sex and love. 


When Life Gives You Lululemons

Uh, if you wanted The Devil Wears Prada part deux you now have it. Lauren Wiesberger, who penned one of our favorite adult fiction books of all time, is back at it again in When Life Gives You Lululemons. Remember Miranda Priestly's fiery red-haired assistant Emily? She's moved on from the NYC publishing world and onto the sunny skies of L.A. as a Hollywood image consultant. But with social media killing the game, Emily's lost a ton of clients and needs a new one to add to her roster, stat. Then comes in Karolina, a supermodel who gets herself a DUI, and a senator-husband who is done with her BS. The only thing is that Emily finds herself navigating through Karolina's suburban home of Greenwich, Connecticut and a ton of upper-class judgemental neighbors. Their mutual friend Miriam is an attorney turned stay-at-home mom and the trio come together to tackle the ins and outs of Greenwich to win the hearts of the community. 


The Girls

Taking place in the '60s, The Girls highlights the violent end of the decade in Northern California. Evie Boyd is a curious and lonely teenager who is captivated by an older girl named Suzanne. Evie is mesmerized by Suzanna and her friends' carefree spirits, nontraditional clothing style, and freedom, except she was completely wrong about the freedom part. Suzanne's "friends" are actually members of a cult run by a charming leader who has caught Suzanne's eyes. Because she is so desperate to be accepted by others and has a growing obsession with this intriguing older girl, Evie lends herself closer and closer to danger. The book will consume you to the point where you just need to learn what happens to the two. 


The Assistants

Are you overeducated and underpaid? So is this crew. The Assistants follows the life of 30-year-old Tina Fontana, who is the executive assistant to the CEO of a major media company. Although she's great at her job and has an excellent reputation, six long years of filing, scheduling and taking calls isn't paying off her student loan debt. A technical error in one of her boss's expense reports is equal to enough cash to pay the remaining balance of her loan. But after questioning her decision for so long, Tina now has other assistants knocking on her door saying they want all in. Faced with being the girl who has always obeyed the rules and a lot of temptation, she's now dealing with a dilemma she could've never predicted. 

By: Andrea Navarro