Music: Claire Evans, YACHT

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Take note world.

Claire Evans is not your typical musician. Throughout her years as lead vocals for the electro-pop band YACHT, making her mark in the Los Angeles music scene with her partner Jona Bechtolt, Claire's kept the hunger to create beyond a designated medium. “Like most creative paths, mine hasn’t been very linear,” says Claire. By taking the role of a multi-hyphenate creative as a musician, writer-researcher, and tech entrepreneur, it is safe to say that following a linear 5-year plan was never in her agenda. 

Still adding more titles to her repertoire, doesn’t mean she’s saying yes to every project that gets thrown her way. “For the first ten years of my career, I said yes to everything,” says Claire. “Now, I have learned to graciously refuse ancillary projects, and it has been one of the hardest and most important skills I’ve picked up in life.”

And much of her success is due to that very skill. Since Claire joined YACHT in 2008, the duo has released three studio albums (along with many art projects that they produce under the same moniker) and has created the popular Los Angeles recommendation app 5 Every Day.

Aside from her projects with YACHT, Claire is ready to make herstory.

“My first book will be released by Penguin in Spring of 2018,” says Claire. “It’s a feminist history of the internet. I’d like to do the story justice, to the farthest extent of my ability.”


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One main goal for Claire is ensuring that her support for other women translates to her professional work. “I want to make sure their stories are inked, before it’s too late.” And with the present being such a critical time in American history, where a heavy-handed government has plans to disenfranchise women and other marginalized identities, projects like hers are important now more than ever.

“When women and girls can see themselves in the development of our culture’s most transformative technology, they can see themselves in its future,” says Claire. “When women have an inalienable place at the table, it benefits us all.”   

Photo credit: Jaclyn Campanaro