Desk-Side: This Successful Style Influencer Shares What It Takes to Build a Full-Time Blogging Career


If you’re looking for a new style muse, look no further than Sheryl Luke. As the voice behind Walk in Wonderland, she’s made her blog her full-time venture—something many of us only dream of doing. That’s why we partnered with Glade® Essentials Room Mist to hear Sheryl’s advice on what it takes to become a blogger and influencer full-time. See her sage wisdom below!

Q: How long has LA been your home?

A: I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about 13 years. I live with my husband and my puppy.

Q: How long have you been a blogger? What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?

A: I’ve been blogging for about five years now. The most rewarding part about being a full-time blogger is that I get to make my own work schedule.

Q: How do you start your day?

A: To start my day I love a fresh cup of coffee, and I love a clean scent.

Q: What tips do you have for someone looking to be a blogger?

A: For anyone starting in the industry, my tip would be to have a good, strong work ethic. I think that’s gotten me to where I am.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of being an influencer?

A: Because I live and work in the same space, I have to find new ways of staying productive, so my productivity hack is actually getting ready. It keeps me in my work mode all day long. I’m super blessed to be doing what I’m doing, but if there’s one thing that I find challenging is constantly staying creative. But the fun part is I get to dress up every day and work with a ton of amazing friends from fashion to beauty and lifestyle. My typical work day is answering my emails, scouting locations, prepping looks. But if there’s one thing I wish I had more time for is actually shooting.

Q: How do you create an inspiring workspace even when you’re working from home?

A: Through scent. I use Glade Essentials Room Mist Mandarin & Mimosa and the bright scent keeps me going all day long. I wish you could smell it; it reminds me of Capri Blue’s Volcano candle!

Q: How do you finish your day?

A: After a long day, I love to unwind. So I shut my computer down, set aside my phone, spend time with my husband, and take my puppy for a walk. One other thing I’ve also been enjoying is also cooking. I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian food lately.

For anyone starting in the industry, my tip would be to have a good, strong work ethic. I think that’s gotten me to where I am.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion piece you own?

A: The one thing I cherish most is my mom’s vintage earrings. They’re from the ’80s, and they stay really close to my heart.

Q: What’s one question you always get asked?

A: People always ask, “Why Walk In Wonderland?” I’ve always wanted a huge, walk-in closet where I walk in and feel like I’m in Wonderland.

Q: Do you have any habits you wish you could break?

A: I hit snooze a lot. I snooze between 30 minutes sometimes to even an hour. And I’m a bit of a mess. Sometimes I wish that I had a superpower where I snap my fingers and everything is organized.

Q: If you weren’t blogging, what would you do?

A: If I wasn’t blogging, I’d probably have a clothing store.

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