What's In Our Bag: Everything You Need for Create & Cultivate DTLA

Designed for the 7am-10pm lifestyle, the 15” Tote from Dagne Dover is the ultimate day-to-night carryall, made with sneaky compartments to keep your essentials in place. And since your day at Create & Cultivate DTLA is going to jam-packed from when you first arrive to when Chelsea Handler takes the stage at 8pm, you want a bag that’s working for you while you work it.

We’re breaking your day, and just what should be in your bag. Sorry, no hot sauce needed.

8:00 AM: You’ve been waiting for this forever!! And it’s finally check-in time! If you already have your badge, head upstairs where you’ll receive your track card, notebook, and pen. Slip that notebook into one of the side pockets. You’ll need it, but right now it’s time to grab some breakfast. Fuel for the day ahead is vital.

9:00 AM: You’ve got your coffee and your track. Find your seat and set-up for the first panel. Pull your phone from the phone compartment, snag a shot of the empty stage, and then get ready for some amazing boss-piration. Which means, grab your notebook, your pen-- from one of the three pen loops, and get ready to put facts to paper.

12:00 N:  You’re either heading to your mentor session or to lunch. If you’re going to meet with your mentor pull out your tablet (there’s room for an 11”) and record it. Seriously, this is advice you can’t get anywhere else and you might not be able to shorthand as fast as they’re doling out the goods. If you’re heading to lunch, tuck everything away, and get ready to shake the hand of the creative peer next to you.


2:30 PM: In 15 minutes it’s panel time again. Which means that notebook and pen are about to get another workout.


5:00 PM: Break time! There is so much to during the break. You’ll definitely want to pull out your phone from its pocket, take some Instagram shots (we #regram our favorites) and visit the multiple pop-ups, beauty bars, grab a juice and put it in your bag. We’ve got three keynotes ahead, so you’re going to want something to sip on while they spill their business secrets. There’s a pocket for a “water bottle holder.”

6:00 PM: Jessica Alba takes the stage in conversation with Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr. Pull out that phone and start live Tweeting NOW.

6:30 PM: Rachel Zoe takes the stage in conversation with Jen Meyer. Keep the inspirational Tweets coming. It’s maje. Bananas. Ah-mazing. All of it. 

7:00 PM: HAPPY HOUR! Tuck everything away and head to the roof to grab a cocktail, pass out a few business cards from that zip pocket, make a few moves, and use one of the side pockets for the cards you’re collecting.

8:00 PM: Everyone’s favorite comedienne and all-around shero, Chelsea Handler takes the stage. You’re probably going to want to write down everything she says.

9:00 PM: You came, you saw, you conquered-- maybe in heels. It’s a very stylish crew at C & C. If your feet are killing you, grab the sneakers you tucked into the bag. (Yes, there’s room for sneakers) and slip them on. Grab your gift bag, and head home full of knowledge, a side pocket of new contacts, and plenty of info on that tablet.