Exclusive Report: We Polled 400 Working Women & This Is What We Found Out

We spend our days around hard-working, motivated women. But we wanted to know how they really felt about their careers, their futures, the state of the world-- all of it. 

So with the help of Buzz MG, we surveyed over 400 working women. We talked social, savings, and the every day hustle. One of the biggest takeaways was the 83% of the women surveyed said that they want to own their own business. Entrepreneurship is ON THE RISE (and hey ladies, the highest wave floats all boats). 

If this sounds like you, check out our new video series for branding and building your own side hustle.

Here our some of our favorite takeaways. You can download the full report below! 

graphic credit:  Chloe White

graphic credit: Chloe White


Knowing your audience is key. Deep dive into the full report featuring 5 full pages of stats and info including: work habits, career status, media preferences, wants and goals, saving abilities, and political leanings.  

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