The Healthy Drink You Should Be Sipping At Your Desk

Just like all of you, we know how important office snacks are. In the midst of emails, calls, meetings, and being busy overall, we need something to refuel us and help us power through the day. That 3 pm slump? Yup. That’s not fun for anyone.

And because we love to always throw some logic your way. Here are some facts about taking a break in the middle of your workday to enjoy a little something extra after being at your desk all day.

  • Snacks bring teams together! A quick snack break can encourage bonding among colleagues.

  • You and your team will be more focused and productive for the rest of the day.

  • Breaks are essential for mental clarity, and sipping on a healthy beverage is never a bad idea.

  • Having healthy snacks available makes employees feel valued and appreciated.

  • Healthier options can decrease the amount of sick days team members take.

We’ve been highlighting some of our favorite snack options here at C&C, and the team is already a big fan of Health-Ade kombucha and sip on them almost daily.

“Because not all kombucha is created equal.”

What if we told you that your midday pick-me-up can also help your gut and overall health as you sit at your desk? Well, you better believe us. A lot of us gravitate towards snacks that sound great but aren’t always necessarily great for us. That’s where our favorite bubbly beverage comes in to add some fizz, a little bit of sweetness, and a dose of healthy probiotics all around.

Detoxification, energy enhancement, and an immune system boost are just a few benefits of the bubbly probiotic tea. Our healthy snack of the moment is Health-Ade kombucha, which creates some of the best-tasting kombuchas around, with fun, refreshing flavors and Instagrammable packaging to match.

So, why is it so good? Well, Health-Ade brews their kombucha 100% the old-fashioned way, in small 2.5-gallon glass jars to prevent plastic and metal leaching. And those quirky, delicious flavors such as Jalapeño-Kiwi-Cucumber? They’re always flavored with fresh ingredients, including cold-pressed juice from organic produce. Our guts are already happier just thinking about it.

As a team, we’re all about convenience and Health-Ade has made an effort to make employees everywhere happier and healthier with the in-office “kegs”. That’s right, you can easily have kombucha on tap and grab some whenever you’re in the mood for a glass.

For those regular kombucha sippers out there, this is great news because it removes having to purchase your own bottles from the equation! Plus, it’s a great way to experiment with some new flavors that weren’t already on your radar.

Not sure how to get it? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered in that department as well. If you’re interested in getting Health-Ade on tap for you and your coworkers, get in contact with their team to coordinate further.

Happy sipping!

What’s your favorite healthy snack to have at work? Let us know in the comments below!