We Wanna Know: Are You a Woman with a Plan?

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Are you a woman with a plan?

If so, you should also be a woman with a planner. Because after a LONG, hard (but oh-so-rewarding) work week, like the one the Create & Cultivate team had last week for #CreateCultivateSEA, it’s hard to know how and where to focus when you’re back in the office.

Brain. Is. Fried. BUT!! Heart. Is. Full. And so are our inboxes. It’s overwhelming at times.

We all know time doesn’t stop simply because you’re offsite or out of office. But how do you know what goals to set or even what emails to answer first when it feels like you’re stepping back into a worknado?

Thankfully, that’s where Blue Sky steps up to help out. What could be better than getting on track for your week/year?

Here’s how they are helping you finish out the year strong and start 2018 on track.


Create & Cultivate Seattle attendees were lucky enough to nab an exclusive sneak peek of the May Designs for Blue Sky collection at Create & Cultivate this past weekend, but hang tight - all of these items are coming to bluesky.com in October!

Handcrafted and built for you to balance all the things, these products are designed to be the guide to your glam-filled 2018.

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Look good, feel good. Plan good, feel great.

Stay on trend, on track, and on point with daily, weekly, and monthly layouts that give you plenty of space to schedule each day.

Some of our favorites elements include: the reusable folio items with various inserts; the fun planning pages with loads of stickers and for sure all of the sassy sentiments… everything you need to get through the day!


After a long, offsite work week what comes first when you’re back behind your desk? You can waste a ton of time thinking (and over-thinking) your to-do list, but research shows that writing it down can help commit the task to memory and make you more productive.

Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Take stock of your inbox and follow the “touch it once” philosophy. Which means, if you open it, you answer it.

  2. Write down the calls you have scheduled in your planner. Google alerts are great (and useful) but again, writing it down helps solidify its spot in your brain’s natural calendar. It doesn’t hurt to do both.

  3. Use stickers to make it more fun. Planning doesn’t have to be dull. Look forward to events with the fun stickers and sentiments that Blue Sky provides.

  4. Use the monthly layout. It’s hard to think ahead when you’re consumed by the amount you have to do, but planning out feasible time frames and deadlines for next projects will actually help you free up some brain space for cool creative work.

Now what’s left? Take over the world, that’s all. ‘Cause as they say, dreamers, dream, but planners, DO!