You'll Feel Like Freakin' Superwoman If You Do This Tomorrow AM

photo credit: Ben Jorgensen

photo credit: Ben Jorgensen

By: Katrina Bowden 

It’s a struggle to fit working out into a busy life. Between career, family, friends, social often falls off the list of things to do. I get it! We are all super busy.

But think twice before letting this happen...

Working out has so many benefits beyond the physical ones we know of (hello: abs and a nice bum!). Fitness has major benefits for your mental and emotional well if your life is moving a mile a minute, taking time to work up a sweat can help calm that whirlwind into something more like a nice breeze.

Your workout is YOU time.  And no matter how busy life gets, you need to make time for YOU. Always! Most people struggle to make fitness a priority. If you choose to make your health and wellness a priority, you'll be making huge strides in balancing out your mental, emotional, and physical states.

"No matter how busy life gets, you need to make time for YOU."

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My favorite time to workout is first thing in the morning for a few different reasons.  First, it gets me going and starts my day on a positive, healthy note.  (It also doesn't hurt that it gets it out of the way so you don't have to think about it again for the whole day!)  A morning sweat sesh has incredible benefits that impact your body and mind that will carry you through your busy day ahead.  Those benefits are:


Starting your day by getting out some aggression and pent up stress? Yes please!  Working up a sweat is a huge stress reliever, so getting that done in the morning will set you up for an easier, less stressed day.


Imagine feeling completely zen upon arrival to work or client meetings. Amazing right? Working out first thing can put you in a calmer state of mind, which in turn helps you think more rationally and productively through the day.


Completing a sweat session can make you feel invincible, like a total badass babe who can take on anything. And you are! That feeling carries you into your day with confidence. Having confidence is huge when you are hustling day after day to advance your career. Confidence is attractive and respected in all fields.


When you finish a killer workout, or even just a balancing one (think yoga!) your endorphins will be running high and your blood will be pumping, making you feel truly alive.  Exercise gives you a natural high that lasts for hours after you finish.  Even when you are tired/not in the mood- I bet that once you get going, you'll feel energized and ready for anything.


Studies have shown that people who work out first thing, tend to make healthier choices throughout the day.  I find this to be SO true for me!  On days when I work out, I am all protein and green juice for the win...which in turn keeps my metabolism revved and my body functioning properly all day.  You may also decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to your meeting instead of driving or taking a cab- these small decisions can make a huge impact on your mental, physical, and emotional well being.  Healthier and happier you!

Now that I have you thoroughly convinced about morning workouts, let's discuss how to fit it in!  I am a big class girl- I love working out with other people because I find it motivating and inspiring.  BUT when I am working on set or on location somewhere I have to come up with different ways to workout.  And those workouts have to be time efficient.  When I am shooting, I love running first thing in the morning.  I'll do 3-5 miles and it takes me about 25-45 minutes, then I jump in the shower, get dressed and go. It's fast and effective.  

You don't need to go to an hour class to get in a good workout.  And if you despise running (give it another shot please!!) you can totally get in a killer workout at home with nothing more than a mat or carpeted floor.  Here is a go-to do anywhere workout I LOVE to use when I am working or traveling.  

It starts with a light warm up, because you always need to get your body mobilized before starting.  Next you do two 5 minute rounds of certain movements, with rest in between the two rounds. THEN, you do a chipper, which means you chip away at the movements listed, trying to get through all of them as quickly as you can.  Time yourself to track progress!  

This whole workout, start to finish is about 30 minutes flat.  Push yourself during the whole thing because if you're only going for 30 minutes, you better make those 30 minutes worth it!


Warm up, for 5 minutes: cycle through these movements without rest, paying special attention to any areas that feel tight.

3 walk outs (get those hips and hamstrings moving!)

20 jumping jacks

5 burpees

10 air squats


1 minute burpees

1 minute push-ups (on your knees to modify)

1 minute reverse lunges, alternating legs

1 minute V-ups or bicycles to modify

1 minute curtesy lunges, alternating legs

Rest one minute

ROUND TWO (get that sweat going)

1 minute jump squats

1 minute push-ups

1 minute reverse lunges, alternating legs

1 minute V-ups or bicycles to modify

1 minute curtesy lunges, alternating legs

Rest 2 minutes.  Get ready for the Chipper!


Chipper:  This should be done as fast as you can go.  Take little rests when you need it, but try to go hard!

60 Alternating leg reverse lunges (30 each leg)

50 Air squats (get low ladies!)

40 V-ups or sit ups

30 Burpees (chest to the floor)

20 Pushups

10 Jump Squats

If you are feeling super strong - go through the chipper again starting from 10 jump squats and working your way back up the list.  Extra points if you beat your first time!


Feel powerful yet?!

Feel powerful yet?!

Finish with some light stretches to cool down for 3-5 minutes. I recommend these:

Toe touches

Quad stretch

Figure four booty stretches lying on your back.

XO Katrina

Katrina Bowden is an actress living and working in New York City with a passion for health and fitness. Her lifestyle blog FitKat by Katrina Bowden combines health and fitness, with a sprinkle of fashion, travel, beauty-- and lots in between.