Listen Up: 5 of Our Favorite Podcasts

The last few days here in Los Angeles have been super hot. The kind of hot that makes even the smallest task seem complicated, sweaty and entirely un-doable. We've been passing the time by cracking non-stop cans of Lacroix, sitting in front of a cranked-to-the-max AC and listening to podcasts. Here, five favorites that are helping us keep our cool.

99 Percent Invisible

Based out of Oakland, 99 Percent Invisible was created and is hosted by Roman Mars, a radio veteran with an impossibly cool name. Ostensibly, design is the thread that runs through each episode, but the topics are far-flung and anchored around interesting stories, complex personalities and objects you might be familiar with, but have never really thought about. 

Favorite episodes: The Mystery House, Palm Reading, PDX Carpet


A podcast about something near and dear to our hearts: the internet. Dun-dun-duh! But rather than only discussing trends and technological advances, Reply-All looks at how people use the internet and unearths often hilarious, often heartbreaking stories, about how the internet permeates our lives. 

Favorite episodes: Craigslist, Jennicam Revisited, The Man Who Refused to Email


As the title suggests, this podcast is about being in your '20s and all the good—and bad—times that come with it. Host Megan Tan recants her millennial struggles in real time, and whether she's listening to Jay-Z to hype herself up while applying to jobs or laying bare the truth that going after your dreams isn't always sexy, the show is nonstop 'I've been there' moments.

Favorite Episodes: Brunchies, Nothing To Lose


Though it's only three episodes old, Rerun has the potential to become one of our go-tos, as it's a cannonball into the nostalgia pool. In each episode, Buzzfeed Executive Editor Doree Shafrir taps a special guest to rehash and discuss a special episode of a classic (think classically trashy or classically nostalgic) television show. So far, they're batting 1000 with Freaks and Geeks (co-hosted by Tavi Gevinson, no less), Daria and America's Next Top Model

Call Your Girlfriend

Billed as "a podcast for long distances besties everywhere," Call Your Girlfriend is girl talk of the highest order. You want reviews about period underwear? They've got it! What if you don't care about underwear, but really want a review of the Taylor Swift tour? Well, they've got that too. Hosted by two of our favorite ladies on the internet, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, this is like chatting it up with your BFFs—who just happen to know everything.

Favorite episodes: Appropriate Emoji, Comfortably Chic,

Did we miss any that you love? We want to know! Let us know what you've been listening to in the comments below and we'll check 'em out. 

Kate Williams

Writer + editorial director in Los Angeles. Reading books + watching palm trees.