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From "Why Live Streaming is the Future of Fashion Week" on

From "Why Live Streaming is the Future of Fashion Week" on

Your weekend reading material right here: Everyone goes to fashion week, anti-fashion is still fashion, The Rock saves puppies; and following your head or your heart.

Why Live Streaming Is The Future of Fashion Week: With IMG is streaming 51 shows, this will be the most watched NYFW yet.

Why Americans Dress So Casually: A fashion historian's interesting and academic take on why everyone's in sweatpants.

Amuse: i-D magazine x Vice's new platform. They state that nobody's perfect, but this new site is pretty close. We're obsessed with all of their content.

Choose Your Own Adventure Instagrams: These are our account director Drea's jam right now. She got sucked into one Weiden + Kennedy created for Old Spice, and also recommends Rick and Morty Rickstaverse. Play on your phone to get the full experience.

We're Not Nearly As Busy as We Pretend to Be: Something to think about, and will FOMO soon be replaced by JOMO, the joy of missing out.

The Rock rescues drowning puppies: Cements status as world's favorite person ever.

Are you a head person or a heart person?: How you answer could say a lot about you.

What emotionally intelligent people don't do: Including indulging in indignant passivity and not recognizing indifference.

What Everyone Thinks It's Like To Start a Successful Startup: When do we get bought?

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