Style Guides: The Colorful Content Queen Bri Emery

It's been said that "Good clothes open all doors," and perhaps no one knows this to be true more than the entrepreneur—which is why we're kicking off Style Guides, our new series on women who've merged business and fashion sense to build seriously stylish careers. These icons understand that personal style is a lot more than just what you put on in the morning. Rather, it's how you present yourself, define your brand and stand out in a crowded space. So stop, look and listen.—PRESENTED BY TOPSHOP

Bri Emery is an art director based in Los Angeles, CA and the creative director behind the lifestyle blog and design studio, Design Love Fest (where she hosts regular workshops for creatives). She’s lent her creativity countless brand campaigns and brings her knack for bright colors and composition to life on her popular Instagram feed. 

Instagram: @designlovefest

Wearing: Topshop checkered trousers, Striped Daisy Trim Tee, Neon Floral Jacket

First 3 apps you check in the morning (in order)?

Mail, Instagram, Calenmob

What's next on your to-do list? 

I am planning the designloveFESTIVAL, which is happening on October 24th!

What’s your earliest internet memory?

Lots of AOL chat boxes and my terrible guessshopr29 screenname!

What was a breakthrough moment in your career?

When I quit my full-time job and took a leap of faith that this blogging world would work out for me!

You've been granted a 2-week, all expenses paid vacation: Where do you go?

Greece and Turkey are next on my list! Just Google “natural baths in Turkey”—it’s unreal.

Who would be your dream person to call up for business advice?

Tina Fey


What's the next creative project you'd like to tackle?

I’m starting to get into product collaborations and definitely interested in doing more of them!

What's your go-to look on the job? Off-duty?

My work outfit isn’t that different from my off-duty look! I prefer a pair of black or patterned cropped trousers with a simple striped tee and white Vans.

"Why are we working so hard if we can’t pause for a second and be proud of our efforts!?"

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Any words of advice for fellow creative hustlers?

When you are a hustler, I think it’s easy to forget to enjoy your successes. I know for me, I will finish a big project and immediately start thinking about what’s next. Why are we working so hard if we can’t pause for a second and be proud of our efforts!? We should all do that more often.

Your 3 most-used emojis?

Heart, Crying-laugh, Dancing Girl

Photos by Calvin Lim, @killacalshoots 

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