8 Ways to Motivate Your Monday, Sunday Night


So many of us experience Monday blues comes Sunday night. But taking small steps Sunday night to prep for the week can make all the difference. 

We're not saying you'll love going back into the office first thing Monday, but you might have a different feeling about your week by hump day. 

Plan your meals. 

This is a simple step to saving time during the week. Food preparation allows for easy grab-and-go lunches that are healthy. They save you money (which, saves on stress) and, according to the World Health Organization, with the right ingredients you can boost your brain power by 20%. And who doesn’t need an extra brain boost? Dark leafy greens, salmon, and nuts all boost cognitive function. Plus you won’t waste 30 minutes trying to decide what to Postmates to your desk. 

Fill in your calendar. 

Filling in your calendar frees up a lot of space in your head. If you start Monday AM knowing exactly what you have to tackle, you can jump right in, instead of spending the morning trying to get organized. Moreover when we handle tedious tasks during down time, instead of during a stressful morning, we’re less likely to make errors. 

Draft emails. 

OK. While this may feel like “working” on Sunday, spending 30 minutes to an hour to draft important emails you want to go out Monday morning can help you sleep soundly on Sunday night. If you find that you toss and turn all night because you’re stressed thinking about Monday morning, this small step that feels like work, ends up working for your sleep habits. 

And a good night sleep should be top priority on Sunday. 

Write a Monday to-do list, broken down by hour. 

This is a trick that very busy people use. You don’t have to plan the whole week— in fact working just one day in advance has shown to make workers more productive. Chart your Monday by the hour, and as each 60 minutes passes, check it off. The momentum of productivity (i.e. crossing something off a list) has a very positive effect on your work and how you feel about the work. 

    For example: 

  • 9am. Answer emails
  • 10am. Meeting with team
  • 11 am. Come up with creative ideas for Thursday pitch
  • 12n. Draft interview questions for X 

Declutter your space. 

Change your sheets, make the bed, organize your mail. Studies show that clutter undermines your productivity, so don’t let this happen to you. 

This includes YOUR CAR. Most of the time we talk about decluttering space, people think about their home, especially a home office or their bedroom. But if you commute to work, and your car looks like the inside of frat house, that’s the FIRST space that’s on your mind when you get to the office. And it can effect your work. 

Collect those old Kind bar wrappers, the coffee cup in the center console, and the shoes and jacket you tossed into the backseat. The cleaner the space, the clearer your mind. 

Pay any outstanding bills, fill prescriptions, and go to the market. 

These are the kind of tasks that stress anyone out, especially when their work week is jam-packed. And small tasks that float around in the back of your head take up BIG amounts of space. Check them off and get ready to check-in to Monday. 

Work out

It’s one of the best ways to get your week off on the right, healthy foot. Working out has been proven to improve concentration and mood, both of which are in hot demand come Monday. 

Have a glass of red wine, read a book, have a meal with friends… 

Whatever works best for you to relax, with Monday on the horizon, it’s too easy to slip into a negative state of mind. But that not only effects your sleep it also effects which side of the bed you wake up on Monday AM. 

Your mood matters, so do something to put your mind at ease. Oh and did we mention that red wine significantly improve memory and motor skills. Cheers to you Sunday night!