Nicole Kidman And Beauty Influencers Share Their #1 Summer Skincare Tips

Sunday’s are the best, right? But you know what makes a summer Sunday a SUNday FUNday? Casually hanging out with Neutrogena and Brand Ambassador Nicole Kidman of course; which is exactly what happened on Sunday, August 24th at our #EverydayIsaSunday Sun Symposium. Hosted in Hollywood’s beautiful Lombardi House, guests were in for the happiest Sunday they’ve had in a while. Attendees were treated to a Sunday-themed brunch and juice bar curated by Little West, a sun hat customization station, and a panel discussion on choosing happiness, summer beauty, skincare and more. Everyone on sight also got the chance to experience some of Neutrogena's best-selling sun care products including the new Hydro Boost Water Lotion Sunscreens, Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch Sunscreens, and Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreens

All guests at this event had some great takeaways and were left feeling confident about spending more time in the sun and being their happiest and healthiest selves. Of course, this all starts with incorporating the application of sunscreen to your everyday skincare routine. Whether that's setting a daily sunscreen reminder, choosing makeup with SPF, or keeping it visible—daily sun protection will make every day feel like their best Sunday.

Kidman has been part of the Neutrogena brand for quite some time and is a huge advocate for sun protection herself. Growing up in Australia, the actress paid frequent visits to the beach (and still does), inevitably exposing her to a lot of sun. You look at Nicole’s skin today and you know she’s doing something right, and that ‘something’ happens to be sunscreen. She’s been very candid about the fact that she relies heavily on SPF, and it’s been part of her everyday life for as long as she could remember. 

“I keep it in handbags, I keep it by my sink, and I keep it by the pool—I have it on hand,” she said. Her love for the outdoors has prompted her to never leave the house without sunscreen and always have it available to avoid any accidental sunburns. Today Kidman has instilled SPF into her own children’s lives so that they can enjoy outdoor activities without being limited. Her mom kept her inside as a child for sun protection, leading her to read novels that inspired her to become an actress. There’s a positive factor in everything.

Today, she continues to enjoy her days on the beach with her kids and husband and her partnership with Neutrogena has helped her better educate others on sun protection. 

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at UC Riverside and author also gave the audience some insight on happiness. She's studied the subject of happiness for over 20 years and dives into the scientific approach of making your ideal life a reality. She explained how your own joy will only benefit those around you, and there are plenty of ways to ignite the path to being more content. Whether it's taking up a new hobby or eating healthier to feel better, we can all find ways to make ourselves feel carefree. 

Photo credit: Angelica Marie Photo

We also made sure to catch up with some of our favorite L.A. ladies who dished on how they care for their own skin in the sun. 

"My number one sun care tip is to wear sunscreen, which is something that I didn't always do but as I've gotten older I've realized that getting wrinkles and sunburns can be avoided by wearing sunscreen every day," said Alli Webb.

Our panel moderator, Renée Bargh, also happens to be from Australia and is just as passionate about SPF as Nicole Kidman is. "Have sunscreen in every single bag that you own, and always keep it on the counter so that you never forget to put it on before you leave the house," she shared. 

Beauty influencer and YouTube star Eman makes it a point to wear sunscreen no matter what the weather is like. "Even if it's cloudy out, you still have to put on sunscreen," she said. 

Sona Gasparian doesn't believe in applying sun protection just once a day. "I highly recommend reapplying sunscreen throughout the day as much as you can," she suggested. 

Jaclyn Johnson learned that making sunscreen application a daily habit is a lot easier than she thought, and she'll keep hers next to her toothpaste from now on. 

What's your number one sun care tip? Share in the comments below!