Exclusive Tour: This Company President Just Completely Revamped Her Office

Michelle Newbery, who leads the team at online home furnishings retailer The Mine (née ATGStores.com), is fast becoming a recognizable player in a very competitive market niche. In the fast-paced world of interior design, where bright ideas often burn out as fast as they’re born, the new President's star is on the rise. 

And, thanks to this experience, Newbery’s got some amazing tips on how to navigate the executive arena. (Find those here.) 

But she also knew that when it was time to take on her new role, new office digs were in order as well. We chatted about the redesign and the most productive color (according to Google). 

Q: What was the design plan for Michelle’s office?

A: We were really trying to achieve a space that had multiple “zones” that felt more like a home office than a business suite. We wanted to create a calming place with soft blues and greenery.

Q: Tell us about the zones.  

A: We organized zones by use. We wanted to create two separate workstations; one stand-up area to facilitate movement and action, and a tech-free seated area to serve as a more contemplative, creative space. The former is outfitted with Michelle’s computer, phone, etc., and the latter offers open desk space where she can spread her work out, look over documents or just take a break from the flicker of the monitor.

Q: Is there a meeting space or lounge area?

A: We chose a lovely conference table that anchors the room where Michelle can host meetings, but it’s also a great place to enjoy a casual lunch, which is in keeping with Michelle’s inclusive leadership style. And yes, there’s also a lounge area with comfy chairs and a coffee table that also promotes a relaxed vibe.

Q: Was promoting a “relaxed vibe” really important?

A: Definitely! Like most of us, Michelle appreciates a serene environment, so we incorporated calming blue hues to create a more soothing atmosphere. And, blue is “the most productive color” – according to Google, anyway – so it feels like a win-win.  

Q: So, the room is blue? 

A: Ha ha! No, not all. The dominant color is white, and we accented with blues. We also added greenery into the mix, to offset that cold tech feel that seems to come standard in every office building. We think staying connected to nature helps dial down the static in our otherwise tech-obsessed lives.

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