A New Year's Resolution That's Easy to Keep

Lately, it seems that more and more invites for all things festive and fun come via email rather than the postal service, especially over the holidays. While tracking RSVPs online simplifies the party-planning process, it doesn’t mean we should give up on traditional correspondence. A card is a classic way to let somebody know you appreciate them while making a lasting impression. Don’t believe us? Take it from our C&C Atlanta keynote speaker, actor and activist, Meghan Markle, who told us that she often sends out and loves to receive handwritten thank you notes. "I can't tell you how few of them I get," she said, "but one hundred percent of the time, I end up remembering that person." 

It’s an approach to business and life that can easily be worked into your 2017 resolutions. Here’s how! 


So, you didn’t get around to taking the picture-perfect holiday card. Not a problem. The New Year is the perfect time to send someone special a card that wishes them the best in 2017. Thinking of others is a great way to start your January off on the right foot. 

Send fancy, fizzy wishes for the New Year with a card that sparkles as bright as you hope their new year will, like these cards from Papyrus


Make a “thank you list” and check it twice because they pile up as fast as the presents you receive. From grandparents to bosses, to hosts of holiday parties and gatherings, you will have a lot of thanking to do. Hit pause on sending out digital appreciation; just like it’s fun to open a present, there is nothing like opening a piece of mail.

"Hit pause on sending out digital appreciation; there is nothing like opening a piece of mail."

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Not only that - writing out a thank you note goes a long way to show your appreciation and will last longer than an email. People are more likely to hold onto thank you notes and beautiful cards to display around their office or living space. Think of a card as a sweet memory in return for their generosity. 


Remember the old rule “show, don’t tell?” A well-written and memorable thank you note follows this line of thought. 

You don’t have to write a novel to create meaningful thank you notes or New Year’s wishes; you can express how much you appreciate their generosity in one or two sentences. Single out a memorable moment. What it felt like opening the gift. An instance in which you’ve since used it. Use these prompts to express your thanks and wishes for a happy and healthy 2017. 


We’re used to firing off emails. (Anyone else ever met their email quota for the day? Yep, it’s a thing.) Digital communication may be quick, but it isn’t necessarily the most meaningful or effective. It’s important to honor the practice of sending letters, writing notes, and thank you letters to keep relationships strong and grounded in real-life. 

Think of the last time you opened a letter and thought, “Wow, what a great feeling.” Be sure to pass that feeling on as we enter 2017. It will not go unnoticed.