The Top Career Concerns New Grads Have During Their Job Search

photo credit: Pexels 

photo credit: Pexels 

Written by: Meredith Lepore

Here comes the class of 2017. Graduation ceremonies are already in full swing which means many members of the class of 2017 have (hopefully) already started their job searches. As much as college prepares you for many things, we know that there are a lot of knowledge holes actually when it comes to entering the real world and specifically the job market. New grads naturally have a lot of questions. Staffing firm Robert Half found some of the top concerns on the class of 2017's mind and provided some great tips.

Question #1: I don't meet all of the requirements listed in the job description – should I apply anyway?

This is a question you will often have throughout your career. Robert Half says if you meet three-quarters of the requirements, apply for the job. Job descriptions often depict a perfect candidate that doesn't really exist.

Question #2: I have a great internship. How can I approach the firm about parlaying this into a full-time role?

Robert Half says have that talk with your manager sooner rather than later. You need to convey that you would really like to stay and even suggest how you can play a role in the future but be flexible as to what the entry-level position may look like. If your manager doesn't have the budget to hire you, ask for referrals to other departments that might.

Question #3: The career I'm interested in has nothing to do with my major. How do I start my search?

Quite a common one. The strategy is to talk to everyone possible: Professors, parents, older siblings of friends, grads from your college from the previous year. Also research local firms online to see if they hire new grads. Build a Levo profile (here!) and join professional groups in your field of interest.

Question #4: I can't get a job without experience, yet I can't get experience without a job. What should I do?

The great chicken before the egg conundrum that all new grads face. Robert Half says be sure to highlight the experiences you do have, especially ones that show your soft skills and customer service abilities. This can be anything from restaurant and retail jobs, to volunteer work, internships and student activities like being on the newspaper. This shows you can balance.

Question #5: The well-known firm I want to work for just turned me down. Should I keep trying to get in there?

Definitely follow up with the hiring manager but don't only consider the biggest brands and well known firms. Be open.

Question #6: The salary for my first job offer seems low. Do I have any leverage to negotiate?

Always #Ask4More but do be aware of the market rates for an entry level role. Do your research. Check out The 2017 Robert Half Salary Guides.

The original version of this article appeared on Levo.