7 Podcasts to Tune Into on International Podcast Day

We hope your AirPods are charged and ready to go because these podcasts are so good that you won’t want to put them on pause. Filled with words of wisdom and life experiences, these shows and hosts will get you through your morning and evening commute, entertain you during your lunch break, and leave you sitting in your car even when you park your car at home because you will want to finish every episode.

Safe For Work

(N)SFW is here to remind you that things in the office can get hectic at times but Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano are here to keep you sane during times like these. From resume and cover letter writing, to getting back into work after having a baby, Liz and Rico tackle everything hoping you will feel more fulfilled from your work life.

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Switch, Pivot, Or Quit with Ahyiana Angel

Former sports entertainment publicist Ahiyana Angel made the switch to a traditionally published author will route your career trajectory from where it is to where you want to be. She is what she calls a “chief encourager” and is there to share her tips as well as interview professional women who offer their life experiences to guide you along the way.


Starving Artist with Honor Eastly

Have you heard art and money in the same sentence? Probably only when a Picasso was just sold for millions at an auction. This podcast from down under hosted by Honor Eastly  talks to local artists about how they handle their finances only to find out that the term “starving artist” is just a myth.


Millennial Money

Talking about your personal finances can be awkward AF, so Certified Financial Planner and host Shannah Compton Game gives her two cents (pun intended) that is totally relatable and easy to understand. With her husband and co-host Jeff Game, this podcast features experts and anecdotes from people in literally every field you can imagine, expanding your mind and your wallet at the same time.


Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs

Calling all entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers! Whether you want to quit your day job, or are starting your own Etsy store Being Boss is dedicated to you. “Business Besties”, hosts, and authors Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon discuss the mindset, habits, strategies, tactics and so much more that help you do what you love while making money.


Side Hustle Pro: Women Entrepreneurs

Side Hustle Pro puts the spotlight on WOC who’ve scaled their businesses from side hustles to profitable stand-alone businesses. Hosted weekly by Nicalia Matthews Okome, learn strategies to start small and get grow-ing no matter who or where you are and features interviews with leading ladies and exciting entrepreneurs.

How it is.

From Reese Witherspoon and her team at Hello Sunshine, this podcast hosted by Diane Guerrero shares the common experiences we have lived through and learned from as women in the workforce. Topics discussed in their second season (coming soon!) include the concept of values, the desire to work, the time to work, the time to play and more. It is an all encompassing series featuring guests including Maria Menounos, Gabrielle Union, and Lena Waithe, just to name a few.


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By: Ashley Banayan