Everything You Missed at Our Resistance Rises Pop-Up in Portland

Resistance. Defined as the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. It's easy to sit by and let things happen; it's harder to stand up and fight for what’s right.  And that’s something we’ve all been faced with all of our lives and particularly within the last few years. It’s also why we’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime Video and its hit-show The Man in the High Castle, which has resistance embedded in its core storyline and characters. Together, our goal is to bring you compelling, noteworthy, and inspiring conversations that we hope will encourage everyone here to go out and shake shit up.

The second stop during our Resistance Rising pop-up took place in Portland, OR. We flocked to the Jacobsen Salt Co. and the energy in the room was electric - to say the least. Our first-ever Portland. pop-up was made particularly special thanks to our lovely speakers Lindsay Meyer-Harley, Candace Reels, Ev’Yan Whitney, and Amy Nelson.

The ladies discussed the true meaning of resistance, how it started, and what it means to each of them. They also touched on how productive discomfort can encourage women to go out and make a change, but still touched on the importance of putting yourself first. The audience also learned on how to use questions as a tool to effectively speak to people who may have difference beliefs or stances on different issues. Overall, the room was electrifying and made our first time in Portland one for the books. Ahead, some key takeaways from the conversation and more information on how you can get registered to vote and make a difference.

Mic-Drop Moments

“Even if you’re just voting for your local officials, it actually matters.”

“Two things are important: businesses and company owners being responsible and helping their communities, and conscious consumerism (putting money behind women-owned businesses).”

“I’m sick of hearing that politics is this hobby people don’t have time for.”

“With social media, you don’t have to shop anywhere without knowing more about the business.”

“There’s people out there that are dealing with the same stuff you’re dealing with.”

‘’Women are less likely to get promoted than men.”

“In changing the future of work for women the conversation must involve everyone.”

“It is way easier for me to give love and hold space for other people than it is to hold space for myself.”

“As someone who’s a chronic nurturer and caregiver, it’s very difficult for me to take a step back before I start posting on Instagram and trying to help people. I need to take a step back and think about what I need in the moment.“

“I can’t help people if I can’t fill my own cup first.”

Join the Resistance

We’re encouraging our readers to get out and vote in the November elections, as registration in many cities will be closing soon. To find out the deadline for your state, click here. And yes, you can register to vote online and the process takes an average of two minutes or less to complete. Head to the polls, and most importantly, resist.

While we wait for November, be sure to catch Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle only on Amazon Prime Video and use the hashtag #ResistanceRises to join in on the conversation online!