Sign Language: How to Deal with a Leo Boss

photo credit: Borrelli Illustrations (front); Elle (top)

If you follow J.Lo on Instagram, you know it’s #LeoSeason. But what does that mean for your office? If you have a Leo Boss there are certain traits you have come to expect, but are you adept at navigating the ups and downs of the Lion sign?

Luckily, we speak Leo. And we speak boss.

Date range: July 23rd-August 22nd

Strengths: Loyal, Determined, Confident, Encouraging & Ambitious

Weaknesses: Fragile ego, Gullible, Melodramatic, Stubborn & Vain

Famous Leos: President Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sandra Bullock

Everyone knows that Leos are loyal, but they are also the King of the Jungle (or Queen, depending on your preference). So that means you better be prepared to give your loyalty as well. Leos are known for having big hearts and your back, but that makes them susceptible to betrayal. Some Leos are too kind for their own good, but don’t mistake kindness for naivete. Leos know what they want and feel powerful and strong to go after it.

With a Leo boss this can sometimes come off as bossy or authoritarian. More Scar, less Simba. But if you give your loyalty, you’ll also be given challenges-- those that you’ll be expected to meet. If you do the spoils to the victor go. Meaning, this is where the generosity of the Leo boss kicks in. Though they crave the limelight and might publically take credit for the success, feel secure that behind the scenes your boss will want to take care of you. If you also crave the spotlight, be prepared to step out of the way and let your boss take this one.

You don’t want to take advantage of your boss’ generosity because it can backfire. Leos are also known for their extreme loyalty, but if you do something to betray that loyalty, you’re going to catch the wrong side wrath. However, Leos don’t hold onto grudges. So the best thing you can do in an instance where you’ve taken advantage of your boss’ trust in you is work hard to rebuild that trust. A Leo will give you a second change, but you have to prove yourself just like they would.

They want to achieve the impossible. This can be encouraging and inspiring to people around them. It can also sometimes feel like there is no way to complete a task. Don’t be discouraged by your boss’ go hard or go home attitude. Learn how to navigate their expectations and you will be in Leos good graces.

Taking charge comes naturally to a Leo. So If you’re losing your footing at work, look to your loyal leader. They will always be willing to lead you to safety-- or to the other side of a presentation, but watch out for their competitive side. You don’t need to compete with your boss.