The C&C Team Shares the Small Businesses They Love to Support and Follow


Happy Small Business Saturday C&Cers. As a small business ourselves, this annual holiday is very important to our entire team. We thought it’d be a good idea to take some to share other small businesses that we support and follow across the board. Ranging from fashion to women’s health, independent artists, and so much more, we understand the importance of always supporting small businesses to help them strive to success. Check out our favorites below!

Alyssa Torma, Jr. Producer

Wags + Walks: Whether you’re looking to adopt, volunteer, or attend a great event that benefits the non-profit - this organization is amazing + dedicated to helping save as many pups as possible!

Pie Hole: Obsessed with the non-traditional flavors! If the Matcha Green Tea pie is in season, it’s a must try. Otherwise, my go-tos are the Early Grey or Mexican Chocolate.

Milo + Olive: This awesome little restaurant is farmers’ market driven and uses seasonal ingredients - so you’re getting the best ingredients available and supporting local farmers + vendors! Also, it’s home to the BEST garlic knot in town. 

Lainey DePompa, Senior Producer

Bandit Brand: They are a group of kick-ass women who make awesome products that encourage badass babes to be who they are and wear it proudly

Evolve Youth Fitness: My best friend started this business for kids to get active, learn about health and wellness, and to help teach babies that are struggling to develop motor function.

Staghead Designs: This company creates unique, one-of-a-kind rings made from different elements of nature. As a person who loves the outdoors, there's nothing more special than a custom piece of jewelry made from these precious materials.

Nikia Rodriguez, Director of Sponsors and Brand Partnerships

Wild One Pets: Someone has finally made minimalistic + stylish pet accessories!

Maude: Because not everyone wants to shop for sex toys at The Pleasure Chest

By Far : Their new mini bags are EVERYTHING!

Caitlin Shier, Director of Accounts and Brand Marketing

Potted: S’cute, s’nice, s’many tasteful home goods, outdoor furniture, plants, and a DIY succulent potting room.

The Mermaid: Love co-owner Katie. She & Arelene also started Lemmon poppy kitchen and steampunk coffee bar and kitchen, with the mermaid being their new haunt in dtla. Chill vibes

Bar & Garden: Cheating a little since my friends just told me about this place last night & both raved about it. Apparently the couple that own it, Lauren Johnson & Marissa Mandel, are amazing, wine’s incredible, & they have a monthly wine club/membership of sorts. "This is a wine and liquor store for the health-minded drinker, but it also translates to a shop for booze dorks because all this natural wine and these small producers make for some very cool, super-interesting and esoteric drinking. It's also an incredibly pretty store, and Mandel's background as a landscape designer has added to the aesthetic of the place as well as its garden theme." 

Heather Records, Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Loom: Founded by Erica Chidi Cohen, Loom focuses on periods, sex, and parenting. The goal is to provide health education to empower everyone through classes and other services. Loom is inclusive, judgement-free, and community-centered.

Megababe: Boob sweat, thigh chafe, and not-so-rosy underarms are part of the reality of being a woman. While the beauty industry chose to ignore these concerns for years, Katie Sturino stepped up to the plate and offers solutions to us with Megababe.

Studebaker Metals: This is a traditional metalsmithing workshop based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and co-founded by Alyssa Catalano. Each collection reflects the tools and materials that were used to create it, and offers an edgier and sleeker option for everyday jewelry. Plus, chic cat bracelets for the cat lady in your life.

Jenay Ross, Talent Coordinator & Junior Producer

So Worth Loving and So Worth Living: Eryn Eddy founded both of these platforms that take the discomfort out of two very important conversations—those about self-worth and those about healing.

Sad Girls Club: Driven by women of color, Elyse Fox founded the Sad Girls Club in efforts to create a community for women about mental health. The platform tackles mental health issues online and opens the discussion to everyone.

Kastor & Pollux: Realizing the power of online content, Dani Roche founded Kastor & Pollux. It’s a female-driven creative studio telling stories through branded content and design.

Natalie Tran, Graphic Designer

Katie Kimmel: Her art and her Instagram just crack me up. Her work is so playful and I appreciate that she doesn’t take herself too seriously My favorite item of hers are her t-shirts that have the names of foods on it like “seafood tower” and “deviled egg” - honestly such a genius idea and I’m upset I didn’t think about doing this first.

Honey Belle: I love that this is owned by fellow young Asian-Americans who also grew up in the San Gabriel Valley like I did! The founder, Iris, started after developing psoriasis and struggling to find organic products in an affordable price range for a broke college student. I remember buying their products at a small pop-up booth at the 626 Night Market a few years ago, and now they’re selling their products in stores like Riley Rose; I love seeing their growth!

Viva La Bonita:  I discovered this brand after I saw my old college roommate wear their iconic “Allergic to Pendejadas” pullover on campus. They’re Latina-owned and Latina-inspired, and I love how proud they are to be kick-ass brown girls. I love seeing women of color who are unapologetic and unashamed of being who they are.

Andrea Navarro, Digital Editor

Summer Fridays: The skincare brand has taken social media and Sephora shelves by storm. With just two products under their belts, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, have already proved to their customers that clean skincare is good skincare. I’m on my third tube of Jet Lag Mask and can finally fool everyone around me that I’m not that tired anymore (LOL).

Luv AJ: I had been following this brand on Instagram for quite some time because of its effortlessly cool aesthetic. It was only a matter of time before I snagged multiple pairs of hoops. I also can’t fail to mention that it’s also very affordable compared to other brands on the market.

TONL: I was so inspired by Karen Okonkwo’s story after she appeared on the WorkParty podcast. She’s sparked a conversation on how stock imagery should reflect the world we see today, and that means a whole lot more people of color compared to what’s seen on other sites.