The 10 Must Read Takeaways From Create & Cultivate ATL

photo credit: Kelley Raye Photography 

photo credit: Kelley Raye Photography 

The speakers at Create & Cultivate never disappoint. They never fail with the mic and knowledge drop. Here are ten of our favorite moments from last weekend at #CreateCultivateATL.

AYESHA CURRY ON NOT GIVING YOURSELF BOUNDARIES: “The moment I gave myself a ceiling is the moment everything fell apart. The moment I removed the ceiling, things started happening. I threw that ceiling in the garbage.”

ADRIANNA ADARME OF A COZY KITCHEN ON MOTIVATION: “My motivation was I didn’t have a Plan B. And that still really motivates me. There is so much competition and so many people that are super talented, and to honor the place where I’m at I have to think that way.”

"I didn’t have a Plan B. And that still really motivates me."

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MANDY KELLOGG RYE OF WAITING ON MARTHA ON THE HUSTLE: “I worked two full time jobs for two years. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s beginning or end. I bet none of you followed me when I had 100 followers.  This is sacrifice and struggling with finances. Just keep fighting the good fight.”

RACH MARTINO ON SPENDING THE MONEY:  “Hire a professional photographer. That first hundred dollars was really hard to give up, but it changed everything for me.”

DOLLEY FREARSON CO-FOUNDER OF HIGH FASHION HOME ON HARD WORK: “Practice like you’re in second, play like you’re in first. It’s a [Steph Curry] quote that applies to the business world because it is about pounding the pavement, putting in the hours and working really hard. Know your competition, respect the competition and push yourself to the limit in any industry. In the end it ends up elevating everyone’s game.”

"The moment I removed the ceiling, things started happening.  I threw that ceiling in the garbage.”

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SUSAN TYNAN FOUNDER OF FRAMEBRIDGE ON THE ‘TOP’: “You’re the one ultimately responsible, so you can’t throw blame anywhere else.”

IVKA ADAM ON BEING FOUNDER OF ICONERY: “If you’re not comfortable with uncertainty it’s important to bring someone in as a partner who is comfortable with it, or find ways to bolster that. Ultimately if it’s too rocky for you, it may not make sense for you to start a business. You are unsure every day; it’s so up and down. You have to know yourself and how you handle uncertainty."

IVA PAWLING CO-FOUNDER OF RICHER POORER ON ROLES AT THE TOP CHANGING: “The guy isn’t always the numbers or the brains behind the operation. And the woman is not just the creative. Don’t get hung up on it.”

ANNA LIESEMEYER OF IN HONOR OF DESIGN ON FINDING YOUR TRIBE: "Whether it’s a friend or significant other, it helps to have an outside perspective to give you a set of wings."

NICOLE RICHIE ON TAKING THE 'EASY' ROUTE: "If your want to save yourself some energy, just be yourself. There's nothing else to be. We each have something to bring to the table. I think instead of looking outward and focusing on what everyone else is doing, you have to have trust and faith enough in yourself to know that you’re going to bring something totally different.”

And honorary mic drop from our own editorial director:

"We're not here to play the game, we're here to change it." 

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