How Whitney Leigh Morris Is Staying Connected This Season

Whitney Leigh Morris and her Google Wifi. 

Whitney Leigh Morris and her Tiny Canal cottage are expanding. It's true. The woman who has perfected the art of TINY living, is branching out-- with an extra couple hundred feet. It might not sound like much to you, but for Whitney, her husband, baby, and two dogs, it's going to be a game-changer. So she's also changing up her wifi situation because she works from home. As Whitney shares, "A strong Google Wifi signal is the single most important factor in creating these efficient little pop-up offices.

What’s your technique for staying on top of everything this holiday season?

This time of year is delightfully tricky— there is so much more business to manage and wrap-up, and yet there’s also a marked uptick in social events to attend and vacation days to enjoy. The reality of running your own small business in this era is that you’re rarely ever able to fully unplug. But as long as my digital files are efficiently organized and synchronized, it is quick and painless to oversee activations, reply to requests and inquiries, and keep projects rolling from my phone over the holidays. When I can manage all of my tasks without having to open my laptop our power-up my desktop, I feel like I’m balancing the work/play nature of December.

What Christmas movies will you be streaming with your Google wifi?

I’m excited to show my son and his cousins "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street." It’s from the ‘70s, but that Jim Henson magic never fades. (We don’t have a TV, so we’ll stream the movie on my computer and project it on a screen or wall near the tree.)

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You’re expanding your space, so why is Google Wifi the smartest choice for your expansion?

Our cottage is also my full-time office and studio, so I’m constantly working to varying degrees while at home. We recently acquired the neighboring tiny house as an expansion, and even though our increased square footage only totals under 800, our wifi signal now has to carry through exterior walls, and even reach into our “new” front garden. Before using Google Wifi, the strongest signal was near my desktop computer. But as my business continues to expand, and as my family’s daily routines evolve, I need to have flexible, functional work stations for myself and others throughout the cottages. A strong Google Wifi signal is the single most important factor in creating these efficient little pop-up offices.

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