10 Badass Quotes to Live By on Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. While entrepreneurship, owning your passion, and being badass businesswomen is what we always stand for here at C&C, it’s great to have a day where we can honor the women who have paved the way, are changing industries, and inspire us each and every single day. We’ve had the opportunity to connect and learn from so many women in the game at our conferences, summits, and during interviews. Today we’re taking the time to spread that knowledge with all of you, and inspire you to cultivate the career of your dreams as an entrepreneur. Take a look at some of our favorite quotes below.


“Whatever you do, you’re going to have tough days. So make sure you have as many great days as you can.” 

- Lauren Conrad

“Show up. Do the work. Don’t be lazy. There’s no short cut.”

- Kim Kardashian

“It’s important to do something you love on a daily basis.”

- Chrissy Teigen

“To be an entrepreneur in 2018, you have to multi-task like a b*tch.”

-Rebecca Minkoff

"You have to take care of yourself and you have to have the energy for the people around you"

- Elizabeth Chambers

“Being a business owner is a status, being an entrepreneur is an attitude.”

 - Traci Inglis of ShoeDazzle & JustFabOnline

"To be an entrepreneur in 2018 you need hustle, passion, and no fear.”

-Shay Mitchell

”The best advice I've ever received: Feedback is a gift."

- Alli Webb 

“Know your value, know your worth, and know what you can bring to the table."

-Reesa Lake, Partner & EVP at Digital Brand Architects

"The only boundaries I have now are the ones I set for myself."

-Marianna Hewitt

What’s your favorite business quote to live by? Share them in the comments section below.