8 Work-Focused Comics That are Painfully Relatable

Monday mornings can be rough, even if we love our jobs. We've all had days when we'd much rather keep lounging in bed than get up, throw on a professional (aka uncomfortable) outfit, and fight our way through traffic. Luckily No Hard Feelings, an illustrated business book about the power of embracing emotion at work, provides a handy guide to motivating yourself even on the most dreary days. We've put together 7 hilarious comics by the book's co-author and illustrator Liz Fosslien that will keep you laughing until you can get your hands on the book in January.

Happy Halloween! Forget ghouls and goblins, nothing is scarier than hitting "SEND" and realizing you just replied to your entire office.

The upside to having to get up super early once in a while? It keeps you grateful for your relative sleeping-in privilege.

Sometimes you just need to take a quick Instagram break to keep you sane. And then maybe a Twitter break. And then an online shopping break...

On particularly endless days, it's okay to call in your work BFFs for a quick coffee break (aka a good "I need to get out of this office for a moment" excuse)

Of course, when someone spells your name incorrectly for the fifth time, you might need to call in your work BFFs for a stronger drink. Happy hour anyone?

Remember that everyone has less-than-perfect days, so stop feeling bad about feeling bad. And if a friend is having a hard time and wants to talk about it, listen and provide support.


Don't forget to carve out time for yourself! If your mood is "Hello I'm feeling overworked and exhausted," it's okay to leave that networking happy hour ASAP.

By: Liz Fosslein

Liz Fosslien is an author and illustrator who just finished writing No Hard Feelings, a book about emotion at work, with her co-author Mollie West Duffy. You can find more illustrations by Liz on Instagram.