Wanna Be a Blogger? Rocky Barnes Shares 9 Inspiring Ways to Help

photo credit:  Jessica Bordner Photography  

With almost a million followers on IG and years of blogging under her fashionable belt, Cali-bred Rocky Barnes knows a thing or 9 about how to build a following. "People want to see your fashionable life," she told the audience at our first Style Summit at Sawgrass Mills. We've got the 9 ways she's suggests doing so. 

So go ahead, have your own Super Bowl Sunday-- building your career.

1. "Some brands will elevate you, and vice versa. It's all about finding the right match when collaborating.

2. "There's always something you can do, and you have to find what platform works best for you."

3. "Quality over quantity, you don't have to stick to keeping up with the Joneses in social media."

4. "Instagram is a good archive for your content. It's not a home for all of your content."

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5. "Do what you feel is cool, forget about the likes. It's a bigger picture idea of what you want your world to look like."

6. "I believe in the block and delete policy."

7. "Don't get lost in what other people are doing."

8."Don't take anything personally, because it's not about you."

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9. "You are the creator of your own world. Give your audience a view into it through your social media."