This Bed Can Talk to Your Fitness Tracker

If there was something that could make you smarter, healthier, and happier, you’d be into it, right?

It’s what we’re all in search of: the secret life hack that gets us on track and well on our way to greatness. So what if we told you that secret was in your sleep?

The connection between sleep and productivity has been documented by multiple studies. But what if there was something that could take you beyond good sleep? Something that would help your career goals long term...

“it” exists. 


During all stages of sleep, your mind is hard at work, processing new memories, placing them into long-term brain storage, and integrating the new knowledge with past experiences. It’s during this downtime when we allow ourselves to rest that so much crucial brain work gets done. During deep sleep our brains actually drain toxins that have built up over the course of the day. They also consolidate memories, restore energy stores, and solidify knowledge.

And we all know, knowledge is power.

The short of it is: If you don’t downtime you won’t download— which is a critical cog in your internal career machine. Without sleep you aren’t as likely to come up with creative ideas, problem solve, or focus.

“If you don’t downtime you won’t download.”

Tweet this.

A lack of good sleep means a lack of good ideas.


Countless athletes credit sleep as one of the most crucial parts to their success. In fact, many sports professionals have sleep coaches in addition to their regular coaches. For those of us who don’t have a #sleepsquad at our beck and call, there are options.

The “it bed” by Sleep Number is smarter than your average bed. Beyond using its proprietary algorithm and predictive tech to figure out what your sleep “number” should be, it can talk to your fitness tracker. Why does this matter?

It can give you insight into your workout that will allow you to sleep better, which in turn will allow you to function better throughout the day. For instance, if the it bed sees that you ran 5 miles but didn’t sleep well, it will tell you how to improve your workout, which will in turn, improve your sleep. It is constantly sending data to a SleepIQ app you can download. Pete Bils, VP of Sleep Science and Research at Select Comfort says, "Our research found: people who used SleepIQ technology experienced improved sleep quality and more restful time in bed."

Consider “it” the sleep coach you can’t afford.


The research is in: the link between sleep and productivity is real. Why do refuse to believe it?  No one is the sleep outlier. It’s not the enemy and you certainly shouldn’t do it when you’re dead. Romanticizing the notion of not sleeping is a cultural epidemic. It’s time you shut that idea down and shut your brain off.

If you’re sleeping less, you might *technically* be getting *more* done, but if you’re not sleeping you’re not operating at max capacity. Getting a good night's sleep improves health and thinking. Not sleeping impairs cognition, attention, and decision making. Bils shares, "Quality sleep affects every aspect, every role of your life. Better mood, disposition, attitude and outlook." 

So make a great decision and opt for 7-8 restful hours per night. Your career (and workout) will thank you.