C&C Classifieds: Krupa Consulting, Bliss, Girlgaze & More!


It's that time of the week again, and a new batch of C&C Classifieds is here. If your job search isn't going as planned, we're here to help you move in the right direction. 

Interested in beauty? There are great PR and social media gigs now open in the space. Are you looking to kickstart a career in the music biz? That's part of this week's roundup too! Oh, and we can't fail to mention that Create & Cultivate still has some open positions left to join our team. 

Get your resumes ready and good luck!

Krupa Consulting - NYC

Senior Account Executive

Lemon Laine - Nashville, TN

Marketing & Communications Lead

Bliss - LA, CA

Social Media Manager

Create & Cultivate - LA, CA

Social Media Coordinator

Girlgaze Inc - LA, CA

Director of Production