5 Business Podcasts Every Working Woman Should Listen To


Podcasts have been all the rage lately and for good reason, if we may add. There's nothing worse than dragging through your commute and listening to the same Top 40 station on repeat. Instead, all working ladies can benefit from diving nose deep into a podcast that explores point A to point B of building a business, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, hiring, and so much more.  

The following five business-focused podcasts should all be on your radar when you're a woman making moves. Listen, subscribe, and get inspired. 

Raising the Bar 


Drybar founder Alli Webb along with her brother and business partner, Michael Landau, have launched their own podcast, Raising the Bar, where they chat with both up and coming and established entrepreneurs. They'll be sharing their insight on how they brought Drybar's concept to life and their ups and downs along the way. Listeners will learn about what makes business owners excited, worried, motivated, and so much more. 

 Second Life by MyDomaine


Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder, and chief innovation officer of MyDomaine's parent company Clique Brands, each episode of Second Life highlights women who've made major career changes and are crushing it in their respective fields. Apart from breaking down their steps to a successful business, guests will share the advice they've learned along the way, managing side-hustles, dealing with investors, building a team, and more. 

Influencer Podcast 


For ladies who are influencers in their own right and those who want to learn more about influencer marketing, this one's for you. The Influencer Podcast, hosted by best-selling publicist and influencer Julie Solomon, explores the ins and outs of being an influencer. Julie and her guests discuss engagement, continuous growth, and impact. Throughout each episode, listeners will learn how to strengthen, monetize, and build their own industry influence. 

Glossy Podcast


The Glossy podcast is a conversation about how technology is transforming the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries with the people spearheading those changes. Guests dish on the ever-changing digital space and how they've managed to disrupt their respective industries. From founders to marketing mavens, this podcast t with a diverse roster of experts. 



WorkParty the podcast is where creative and entrepreneurial women celebrate each other’s successes. It's the vision of Jaclyn Johnson, our very own founder, and CEO. In WorkParty the book, Jaclyn spills on how she found the determination to flip her rock bottom moment into hard work and success—and how you can, too. WorkParty the podcast is all the lessons she learned and the advice she wishes she had gotten along the way. You’ll hear from female founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, creatives and so many other badass boss ladies. WorkParty keeps it 100, giving you that career real-talk, and no BS advice.

By: Andrea Navarro