Music: Faarrow

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Touching the world through song.

Somali sisters Siham and Iman Hashi makeup the Canadian pop duo Farrow, a name which combines combines the translation of their names into English -- Iman means "Faith" and Siham means “Arrow." They released their debut EP “Lost” in 2016, with tracks like “Shut Up” and “Chasing Highs,” both deal with subjects of empowerment.  

They released since “Rule the World,”  a jazz-infused pop track in 2013 and then took a three-year intermission while working on their EP with producer Elijah Kelley. The majority of the tracks are written and produced by the sisters and Elijah. 

The sisters are also political refugees from Somalia, who took refuge in Canada. Born in the Somali capital of Mogadishu they fled the country after war broke out in 1991. They are the the first female Somali artists to sign a major deal with a U.S. label. 

Though to the music world they are “pop,” Faarrow sees their work a bit differently. “We feel like the culture clash of our upbringing really shaped who we are as women and artists,” they share. ‘Our music is what we like to call underdog, girl power anthems and has the spirit of breaking out and wanting to be heard.” 

They’ve found that “the biggest challenge,” to their work has been, “people trying to put us in a box when there are so many layers to us.” It’s music they’ve said is “pop with undertones of hip hop and rhythmic African percussion. It's a fusion of everything.”

Having recently walked away from their record label, they gained more insight into themselves and their music. “The relationship between us became so toxic that we had to walk away. The biggest thing we learned was when a situation creates chaos within yourself, the best thing to do is let it go.”

"When a situation creates chaos, the best thing to do is let it go.”

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These are wise words from women, but this duo also describes themselves as “ageless.” 

Siham and Iman are wearing Keds' Triple Metallic and Triple Solids.

“Being able to see yourself in every woman regardless of race, class, religion..." the site duo says. "When that happens empowerment is just a byproduct.” 

Boundless as well. In the last five years they say their relationship to their career has changed for the better. “We've completely let go of the notion that a label or anyone for that matter can make or break us. We are the architects of our lives.” Dream gigs include performing at the World Cup. They like to keep it in the family. “Dad was a professional soccer player in Somalia and I think we'd secretly be fulfilling one of his dreams as well,” they share. 

As for secrets to success? “We're taking responsibility for everything that happens in our life both good and bad. Thankfully it’s mostly good.”  

Their music and their capital "P" Purpose, which includes working with the UNHCR, keeps them going. “We know that our musical gift is our tool to touch the world.”

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