Elizabeth Chambers Breaks Down What It Takes To Build A Successful Team

If you weren't present at our 2018 Style Summit, then what were you even doing on Saturday? JK, that's why we're giving you a full breakdown of the day's events. 

Our keynote speaker, Elizabeth Chambers, is a woman who wears many hats and also a role model for so many women out there. From being the CEO and owner of Bird Bakery, and also a wife and mother, she manages to keep everything as streamlined as possible and still take really good care of herself. 

During our last conversation of the day, Elizabeth dished on how she went from a career in journalism and hosting to entrepreneurship. 

So how exactly did she go from juggling positions to starting her own business? "Me starting a business was full circle. It felt like a homage to the people who have taught me the most important life lessons," she explained. But what really gives you that drive to make the jump? "When you have something that you believe is the best in its lane, you want to share it with everyone," she said. 

As a business owner, wife, and mom she's still managing a jam-packed schedule. But she insists that no one is ever going to get 100% of you if you're not fully focused. That's where motivation and productivity come into the picture. "Uni-tasking has made me so much more productive," she said. "Focus on your tasks as you’re doing them. It makes you so much more productive," she explained. 

Elizabeth doesn't ignore the fact that self-care should and always should come first, no matter how busy she gets. "You have to take care of yourself and you have to have the energy for the people around you," she said. She also swears by the oxygen mask theory, in which you must help yourself first before helping others. #Facts. 

The businesswoman is also known for being heavily involved in the hiring process for Bird Bakery. Building a business is knowing that you’ll have to wear a lot of hats. Keep your standards high," she said. You have to find team members who you can trust and then delegate. "I realized building a team and letting go has let us expand and do so much more," she added. 

As for what she wants to leave behind? "I hope my legacy is that I’ve treated people kindly and fed them well," she shared. Trust us Elizabeth, you have fed us well with all of those delicious treats and confections.