The Girl From Panama on How to Handle Holiday Travel

Pam Hetlinger and her Google Pixel 2

Pam Hetlinger is The Girl From Panama, a blog dedicated to providing fashion trends, beauty tips and travel destinations in an attainable yet elegant aesthetic.

Pam’s global experience working in London, San Francisco and Panama, in both the beauty and fashion industry, have helped her establish a unique brand and source of inspiration for a large group of dedicated buyers and followers.

Now she's living in Los Angeles and after one year in the City of Angels, she's having a blast. And taking amazing pics to prove it. 

How does having a Google Pixel 2 make your life + work easier?

Having the new Google Pixel 2 has enhanced my life greatly! With so much happening in my life with being so busy, it really helps to have a phone that’s just as eager to work hard as I am.

What feature of the Google Pixel 2 are you most excited to use? (#1 rated smartphone camera, quick + long lasting charger, Google Assistant in your pocket...)

The feature I’m most excited about on the Google Pixel 2 is without a doubt the long lasting charge and the camera. Its camera is rated #1 smartphone camera for a reason! Having the extra long battery life makes working on my phone so much easier. I’m always on-the-go, and sometimes bringing a charger with me isn’t my priority! Thankfully I won’t have to worry about that anymore. Also, I'm so excited to use the song identifier. Listening to music is a great way of keeping me stress-free throughout the day. Having a program that identifies songs near me makes all of the difference in the world!

What are your "can’t live without" apps that will go on your Google Pixel 2?

Instagram, Spotify, Uber, VSCO, to name a few!

What’s your trick for staying on top of everything this holiday season?

I live each day through a schedule, so in order to stay on top of everything, I write everything I need to do each day on a calendar! Another wonderful feature of the Google Pixel 2 :)

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