How Nicolette Mason Is Taking Her Pix to the Next Level

Nicolette Mason and her Google Pixel 2. 

With her blog, her writing career, and her new line Premme, Nicolette Mason has a lot of pics to take. And how better to capture all of her content than with Google Pixel 2, rated the #1 camera on the market?

What photos are you most excited to capture on the Google Pixel 2?

I was immediately blown away by the camera and display quality on the Google Pixel 2. The videos and photos are crystal clear and look like they were shot on professional DSLRs, and are pretty amazing in low light. Every since launching Premme, we’ve relied on our built-in phone cameras to capture IRL moments of our clothing, shooting inspiration, and getting clear photos and BTS during our campaign shoots. It’s so great to know I have the tools to capture them right in my pocket!

Can’t live without apps that you’re adding to your Google Pixel 2 right away?

This is kind of nerdy, but I really do live and die by my Google Drive. Because I work on the go so much, I need to be able to access my docs while I’m running around from one meeting (or coast) to the next. Besides that, I love VSCO for editing my pics, and also love that there are really amazing mobile versions of Photoshop available.

How does having a Google Pixel 2 make your life + work easier?

I don’t always have a free hand, but the Google Assistant really does act like an assistant in my pocket. When I’m driving or just in serious multitask mode, I can ask the Google Assistant to help me out. A big one for me is, “Hey, Google, what’s on my calendar?” or, “Hey, Google, read me my latest emails.”

What feature of the Google Pixel 2 are you most excited to use? (#1 rated smartphone camera, quick + long lasting charger, Google Assistant in your pocket)

So, the first three days I had the Google Pixel 2, I literally charged it... ONE TIME. It charges up in less than 20 minutes, so I don’t feel like I’m attached to a landline. Time is my most precious resource, lately, so anything that helps me save time is a huge win.

What’s your trick for staying on top of everything this holiday season?

I put literally EVERYTHING in my Google Calendar - from wake up times, to travel distances to meetings, to little reminders of things I need to do throughout the day. It keeps me organized and on track for all my personal and professional deadlines and commitments.

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